Decca London Super Gold Compatibility Question

Can someone tell me what happens when you use the Deccas with the wrong arm? Is it a tracking issue or will it just not sound good? I tried it with my SME M2-12R with a Yamamoto wood headshell and the results were not great. Hoping it's just compatibility and not something wrong with the Decca.
Surface noise may be the deal breaker on the Super Gold. Is that affected by the arm in any way? Are there arms that are better suited than my SME possibly easier on surface noise?
I answered my own question by adding a bunch of weight to the headshell and then putting on the second counterweight onto the sme. Much quieter and more under control sound. 
The FR 64S / Fr66S is known to deal well with 'high energy' carts.  A really high mass arm....but give that a try
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