Decca London Gold or Maroon?

I am looking to sell my Hadcock GH228 arm and Decca London cartridge. Trouble is I don't know if it is a Gold or Maroon!

When I bought it around 1988 I believed it to be a Gold and the box it came in says "and Elliptical Stylus" (yes I have the original box too). I had it retipped in 1989 but the receipt says its a Maroon. The body has been sprayed silver so how do I tell? I don't want to mislead anyone. The serial no is 2-21 265.

What is a fair price for these items? I will sell them separately or together. The Hadcock was bought at the same time as the ideal arm for the Decca. Neither has been used for about 15 years (CDs took over I'm afraid)

My system is Arcam CD player, Audiolab Pre, a Radford STA25 and a pair of Tannoy Rectangular GRFs (15 monitor golds). The sound is superb and I intend to be buried in one of the Tannoys so I can take them with me!
Presence Audio in England currently manufactures and repairs Decca's. You might want to shoot them a e-mail with the serial # and they might be able to identify the cartridge for you.
It's a Maroon originally. I have both a Maroon and a Gold

The Gold serial number is prefixed by an 'E' -
My Gold is E-1069*
My Maroon is 2.21-39*

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Deasytee, this is an addendum to my first thread response.
I had forgotten that I had a maroon. So,I looked at the serial number on my maroon and as,Topoxforddoc indicated,
the serial number on my maroon is 2-16-57S, which would suggest that it is a maroon since your serial number is 2-21-265.