Decca Gold Garrott Bros. Microscanner

After accidentally damaging my old tonearm during a house move 5+ years ago, I recently replaced it and got my turntable back up and running. Now I have 2 cartridges and I'm looking to get an idea of what they are both worth with a view to letting one of them go.

My t/t is a Nottingham Analogue Mentor Reference with a new Rega RB300. Cartridges are a Nott. Analogue Tracer 4 from the early 90's, and a Decca Gold circa 1987 with the original Garrott Brothers' Microscanner tip profile. Both were purchased direct from Tom Fletcher at NAS.

The Tracer permanently replaced the Decca as soon as I got it and is the one I personally favour for daily listening. Overall, it's a smoother-sounding cartridge and I prefer that. Although, you cannot beat the Decca for flat out excitement and dynamic range.

I paid £380 UK Sterling back in 1987 for the Decca, but I've no idea what it might be worth in today's market. Condition is very good and I have both the red plastic carrier bracket and the bottom cover too.

The Tracer 4 looks like it will be staying with me, but it would also be nice to know what its value might be today.

I've searched several audio-related websites looking for used Decca Microscanner values but have yet to find anything. I haven't seen one come up for auction on eBay worldwide either.

So, if anyone here has an idea of the fair market value for my Decca, I would appreciate the input.

If the cartridge is a garrott decca,it is not as good as the regular decca gold.IMHO By that I mean the garrott was not as dynamic as the regular decca gold. It was smoother and a little quieter but a little too polite in comparison.
Having said that, I sold one about 5yrs.ago for $450 but it had just been retipped. The thing about decca's are they only appeal to a certain group of folks (some call us a cult)so the value depends on how much one is willing to pay.
I would say a good place to start would be $350-450 range if you really want to sell it. You can price it higher but it may take a lot longer to sell.