Debating separate power supply or

My components are in power strip then direct to wall outlet, no conditioner. I have a two input Surgex Stand alone surge protector not in use (wall socket is standard). I am debating separate power supply for the CD player... not sure how to address power supply.

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Take a look at these links - they explain some of the basics pertaining to power related issues

But the abridged version - assuming the supply to your home is stable and you are not subject to any of the various "power anomalies" -  I would make the following a priority...
- install a dedicated line
- install a quality grade wall outlet on that line
>>>>> e.g. Pass and Seymour MRI Outlets ( see Take Five Audio)
- get a good power distribution bar/box for source components
>>>>> e.g. Furutech e-TP60 or  PS Audio Dectet Power Center/
- get some good power cables
>>>>> e.g. Shunyata Venom

Or if you are into DIY follow some of the "projects" in the blog links

Now, if surges, brown-outs or power fluctuations are an issue you may need to invest in a surge protector, power conditioner, balanced power supply or regenerator.

I have used a power conditioner/surge suppressor in the past, but now elect to:
- plug my amp directly into the wall outlet
- plug my sources into an isolated power distribution box
- use excellent power cables on all components

BUT - the power supply to my home is excellent and the house power system is well grounded. This was enough to protect my house from a lightening strike on the ground around the house next door - unfortunately all of his gear was fried - me - I consider myself lucky - but all thanks to a well designed household power system.

Hope that helps
Thanks! for sharing- williewonka.