Death of Rock 'n' Roll

Rolling Stones tour delayed due to Mick Jagger health condition
David Bowie
George Harrison
and no new ones at all

Rock\n\Roll's dead pretty much, but Jazz's still alive!
@czarivey : "RnR is dying not only because of jazz or classical music"

Jazz and classical have _nothing_ to do with the decline of rock and roll.

And quite frankly despite the hoity-toity appeal that some people ascribe to jazz I find it no more sophisticated or intellectual than a great deal of good rock or even blue grass for that matter.

And if rock is dying, classical is truly, thoroughly dead when it comes to new material and innovation. I am no expert but I go to operas, the symphony etc and own a modest collection of classical music. I love it. But I haven't heard anything written in the last 75 years that interests me. Well, maybe some of Sharon Isbin's stuff but a lot of that is true classical adapted to guitar. But that is pretty esoteric.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking anyone's preference of music. Its all music. 

But the premise that jazz and classical are killing rock just doesn't jibe with reality. There are not enough people abandoning rock for jazz or classical to have any impact on rock's life-support.

Where the premise really falls flat is that rock is not dying. It simply isn't the predominant format and it is no longer going to find you. You have to find it. But its out there. And man there is some good stuff out there right now.
Obviously, you are not a musician and haven't been to Los Angeles area concerts.  I've been performing new classical and semi-classical music all my life.  Although they are generally not well known as the "classics", they are up there as equally worthy music.  I'm not talking about atonal music but complex music with hummable new melodies.  If you don't think Barber's Vanessa or Ballad of Baby Doe are great operas which are less than 75 years old, you are not a knowledgeable opera buff.  The music of Aminadav Aloni, Michael Issacson, Meir Finkelstein (sung as frequently as pop) etc. represent the pinnacle of Jewish choral and cantorial composition.
Just last week saw MUSE @ Little Caesars Arena . They were sold out and nobody was sitting in their seat the whole time. Check out the Blue-Ray Muse live in Rome. Now these guys rock. I'm 74 and have seen most of the good bands.
This is killing good music

but this is proof that Rock will never die