Death of Rock 'n' Roll

Rolling Stones tour delayed due to Mick Jagger health condition
David Bowie
George Harrison
and no new ones at all

Rock\n\Roll's dead pretty much, but Jazz's still alive!
More importantly to me, Dave Edmunds, after having had triple bypass surgery, announced last year he was retiring. Yet Keith is still standing!
The Glimmer Twins (Mick and Keef) are lucky to be alive in 2019.These guys and others are simply not young any longer.Yes indeed, Jazz, is still alive!  Happy Listening!
Always amazed that "the Toxic Twins" made it this far after half of the production of Colombia disappeared into nasal cavities!

Hats of to Tyler and Perry for surviving!
Rock is dead because of CLASSIC ROCK radio. I saw this coming from a mile away. There are some good to great rock artists out there but they won't get air play on rock stations. Maybe not even on alternative stations. 

Musicians like Tash Sultana.
Exactly my point.

Have listen to to hear what the kool kids are listening to.
When I listen to Jack White -- as a solo artist, as a member of the Raconteurs, as a member of The Dead Weather -- rock n' roll seems plenty alive to me. And that's to name but one guy. 
Not dead - only evolving
well when I notice how much rock and roll from the 60s/70s/80s/90s that my 15-yr old daughter listens to I know for certain that rock and roll is very much alive! The music lives on way beyond the people...…..and the newer stuff is good too....not all of it but all music has never all been good. There has always been crappy music. Listen to Courtney Barnett and tell me rock is dead. There are so many others.
There’s whole YouTube channels devoted to nothing but the reactions of people listening to great rock for the first time. The twenty-somethings at work all prefer 70’s rock. The Stones were absolutely great rock back in the day, but have been a nightclub act on life support for several decades already. So don’t conflate the death of rock, which is alive and well, with the health of Mick Jagger, who long ago decided he'd be better off with a retirement annuity than a band.
The Stones were absolutely great rock back in the day, but have been a nightclub act on life support for several decades ...
The Stones can fill entire stadiums in the US, so they're hardly a "nightclub act."
Seriously? Nightclub refers to the has-beens who perform in them.
The Stones have done nightclub gigs in the past just for a lark, selling tickets for ten bucks at venues with less than 150 capacity. Seeing the Stones at a place like that is what rock and roll is all about.
Not only that, but Huey Lewis says the heart of rock and roll is still beating.
Rock is very much alive at my house, Jazz a lot less and Classical only if I can’t fall asleep. Put on Classical and I’ll be out like a light within minutes. 
Millercarbon surely you seek attention with a statement like that...
Yet we are still alive and that's more important. I only like Pink Floyd, anyway, some of it. Most of rock is just dancing/boozing/etc.
Jazz is noise, blues is good.
Try Nathaniel Ratecliff and the Night Sweats play 'Never Need to Grow Old'.  A rave up rocker, reminded me of hearing Hendrix or Seeger or Springsteen the first time.  I listen to Radio Paradise on the computer.  New or old music and anything recorded.
Better listen to Malmsteen. Most is not particularly good but at his best he is great.
Well, Demon's Eye and Highway Star by Deep Purple are not bad, only if they could play and sing. Nice tunes, though.
I don't know....the Black Keys have gotten me through some bored times. Also QOTSA and a few others who sound promising. 

I thought rock was dead when the Hair Bands ruled and next thing I knew there was STP, Alice in Chains, Soundgarten and several others. Not exactly the late 60s but the best I'd heard in a long, long time. 

Of course I'm also bummed that Merle's gone, Dwight has lost a lot of steam and it's been a long time since Strait was awesome (hellooo Midland!)

So I thank God for the Jazz of '59!! That will never grow old.....
Rock ‘n Roll can never die! Hey hey, my my! More to the picture than meets the eye! Hey hey, my my!
Rock's not dead - the radio stations that used to play it have died.  In a world where crap like Taylor Swift and Cardi B are idolized and emulated there is little room for real talent.
The King is gone, but he’s not forgotten. (Johnny Rotten... Rotten Johnny). Here’s the story of a Johnny Rotten. (Rotten Johnny... Johnny Rotten). Better to burn out, than fade away. The King is gone but he’s not forgotten. 
Good news - it may be on life support but the defribulator caused this and the views are over 40 million
And this

And our young generation of kids are playing stuff like this

and this

The future of Rock could not be brighter, IMHO!!!
I don't think it's a question of young musical or vocal talent......writing NEW rock songs is the challenge.
Buddy Holly, Elvis,  Bill  Haley  and his Comets, the Big Bopper,  Chuck Berry.
what did that generation think of Led Zeppelin and The Who? Or Rush and David Bowie? Queen? That ain’t my Rock n’ roll? Now we’ve got the Black Keys, they even distort the drums to sound like they were engineered poorly like early Who (kids are alright) Greta VanFleet, Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is a musical force. And a ton of new and evolving hard rockers. Is it getting too loud for you boys? I’m 53, I listen to newer music but like My Generations tunes best. Jazz is not noise inna, you don’t always need 100 musicians to play a song. 
Rock will never die as long as we listen and buy it.  Hip-Hop is dominating the charts and replaced Rock as the most popular last year.  I think it is sad what kids listen too today.  I remember New Wave tried to take over Rock in the 80's, it didn't.  The classics will stay with us till we die.  It is up to us to keep it alive and well.  May, Rock and Roll never die in my lifetime.
Not to worry, the masses at all places and all times will go for the lowest level .
Either you're trying to be provocative, or you're deaf. Probably both.
I exaggerated a little regarding jazz. It is quite a broad and diverse gender. I used to listen to a lot of it. No, sometimes one or two is enough to play a song. Miles Davis and John McLaughlin proved that.
Thanks for the Tash suggestion!!!
@falconquest  Check out the video from the Boston concert. I demoed Magico A3 speakers with Tash (and others) and the dealer was rather happy to hear this new prodigy.

Schubert, for a classic music lover you´ve got kinda punky attitude : )
I say this for second time ´cos ... you rock´n´roll and I like it ; )
@yyzsantabarbaraSpeaking of newer music, I assume you're familiar with London Grammar?
Dually noted- The Toxic Twins (Tyler and Perry) are most certainly fortunate to be alive in 2019. IME, Aerosmith is America's best RNR band. Play them LOUD!
Happy Listening!
Yes harold, I do . And it happens to be the truth .
Indeed. Well, I´ve always been against the tyranny of the mainstream and it´s kinda fun when reading how low the masses eventually will go : )
But now it´s time to ..... zzz ZZZZ
In the land of Sibelius  heavy  metal rules , case closed  .
As Frank Zappa once said about jazz, it "isn't dead--it just smells funny."
One the one hand, I don't hear much new rock that I like.  One the other hand, I don't work very hard at finding it.  All that having been said, I shouldn't have to try very hard.  I should be able to tune in to my local radio or Austin City Limits or AXS channel on the tube and find lots of it.  Rock is losing out to diversity (and, IMO, dilution).
@falconquest  Never heard of LONDON GRAMMAR but did check out your link and liked the tunes they played. Thanks, I have added them to my Tidal roster.

I forgot how I got to the Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin concert videos while watching the London Grammar performance, but the following Zeppelin concert footage I just watched was just jaw dropping. Rock was great.
@yyzsantabarbara,Page plays a mean bow, lol. Wow, that goes waaaay back. Thanks for the link.Here is one of my old time favorites from arguably one of the best vocalists in all of rock music.
Up until the last few years I thought rock was dead. Rock is dead on FM radio. And I agree that classic rock stations helped bury it. Pop stations don't help either.

Now I realize rock is still alive. You just have to go look for it. You aren't going to hear it on mainstream radio.

These give me hope:

The Struts
The Teskey Brothers
Gary Clark, Jr
Tedeschi Trucks
Leon Bridges
Vintage Trouble
Alabama Shakes
Bishop Gunn

Yes, a diverse group. Yes, there's some R&B thrown in there with these. A lot of blues too, which is ALWAYS a good thing for rock.

If you just want pure, good-time, guitar driven glam pop, check out The Struts:

They have the looks, the attitude, the pipes, the licks and the chops. You might not like them but I see them as the hope for real rock and roll.
Wasn't there a Stones tune that echoed "time waits for know one and it won't wait for me"...

And didn't the Who say "I hope I die before I get old"? Two of them got their wish.
I understand that people like to listen to 70s rock, but there’s none next to continue playing. Even Jack White ain’t forever and there aren’t many RR musicians.
All in all
Amen to rock!
@n80 I saw the "Who" about 2 years ago in Vegas during a Bachelor party. It was just Daltry and Pete + other musicians. I had very low expectations going in but I was very happy to hear the old geezers play. They sounded great.
“ had a stupid writer ask me..what are you man ?
I AM a whisky rock-n-roller, that’s what I am !”

and who said that ????

i think the kids will be awlright...
@czarivey Click on my YouTube links (above) to the Struts. They’re re-inventing 70’s glam rock.
There is a lot of good up and coming rock on the CBS Saturday Morning Sessions. They are also on YouTube. This is how I discovered Steve Gunn, who I can’t stop listening to.  But also as mainly a jazz fan these days, it may not be a better time to be a fan of jazz, let alone music. Vinyl is making a huge comeback. Yet, streaming technologies and options have become more numerous and better!
in my area 90.7 fuv   Fordum university plays a fantastic mix of old new & seldom heard rock