Dearly departed Music Reference RM9

My Music Reference RM9 is down and beyond repair. I'm devestated as it has been the heart of my system through so many changes. My system is- Lexicon RT 20/ Cal Audio Alpa- VPI Scout Master/ Soundsmith Carmen- Jadis DPL- RM9- Dynaudio C1 model 2's, all high end cardas cable. Any suggestions from those that know? The RM9  had really sweet mids and while a tube amp, never sounded overly soft like many I've heard. Thanks for your help, fellow fanatics/ addicts.
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CJ ET5 wonderful everything great bass not overly tubey with killer stage and depth.Good luck.
fearsnears - Just curious, what happened?
The CJ ET 5 is a preamp an appropriate CJ amp would be what would be required. 
Hi Hifiman, just a pun. Any audiophile knows how the obsession can grab you. A/B ing countless hours of tube rolling  the same passage to find that perfect signal only to find its non existent, and it's just what suits you!
I'm sorry for not being clear on this, I'm in search of an amplifier that will drive my dyns, looking for someone familiar with a Music Reference RM9. I had a CJ PV12 and it sounded way too lush and tubey. Thank you for the suggestions, I do appreciate them.
There is one listed here. Since you like that amp so much you should buy it!
The old CJ was very recessed the RM 9 were much less colored. 

What is your budget for an amplifier? 
The Dynaudios really like current, I would have thought you would have actually wanted to go with a more musical solid state amplifier. 

The Jadis stuff is also a bit on the full midrange type of sound. 
As has been said above, there is an RM-9 Mk.2 on Audiogon right now at an asking price of $2600. If you don't need the RM-9's 125w/ch, Music Reference has a real nice 35w/ch amp, the RM-10 Mk.2. Also the 100w/ch RM-200 Mk.2, with a bipolar input stage and tube driver and output stages.
Its bad timing for me, I'm hoping that I don't gave to spend much more than $2,000.00. I've been very satisfied with my system for many years, and dont really know whats out there. Audiotroy, I have considered a solid state amp., the dyns are power hungry.   Like you said, the Jadis is quite full in the mids- bugle boys worked well for me. Back when I followed audio gear, Krell and Levenson were putting out highly rated amps. Any ideas on a musical solid state amp at this price range, used? 

You might want to check out class-D offerings from the likes of NuPrime, Merrill Audio, or Wyred 4 Sound. Class-D generally gives you more watts per dollar. 

I recently purchased a NuPrime IDA-16 200 watt dac/amp integrated and have been extremely pleased with it.

Good luck on your search.


Hi Scott, yes I will be looking into class D amps. I see theres a recent thread here in them. Thanks again, Robert

I'm also an owner or an RM9.  I'm curious, when you say it's 'beyond repair', what happened!?  Depending on the extant of the necessary repairs, my 1st step if my RM9 were to fail would be to call Roger Modjeski at Ram Labs to find out about getting it repaired!
Roger (Music Reference) just repaired, refurbished and re-tubed my RM9 and it sounds great.   
Along the same vintage as the RM-9, the Berning EA-2100 supposed to be an incredible sounding amp and the tubes are very conservatively run as well.  I remember reading a review of this amp in TAS or Absolute Sound back in the day, very neutral, quiet, and transparent sounding.  I've seen them pop up from time to time.  
Thanks all, for the input. Chazro, congrats on being an Rm9 owner, its an incredibly powerful and musical tube amp. The left channel transformer is cooked. 
I'll bet you can get your RM-9 completely restored for less than $2000, maybe much less. Roger doesn't gouge the way some companies do.
fearsnears, I should have also mentioned that Roger Modjeski can incorporate the Mk.2 updates into your RM-9 as he restores/repairs it.
The RM-9 MkII that is listed on this site for $2600 is a great deal and worth stretching your budget for. It started out life as a MkI but Roger went all out to update it to a MkII. If it makes any difference we will honor the warranty on that amp. We also worked on pdreher’s amp, which we thought would be a lost cause but Roger put his expertise to good use in getting that amp back to spec at a modest cost.

If as you say you blew a transformer you’re out of luck (curious how that happened, it's difficult to do on that amp), otherwise Roger can fix most anything that is wrong with that amp.

Disclaimer: I work for Music Reference/RAM Tubes.
Really not that much to these amps transformer, caps, resistors and Roger can fix them or I can.

See if you can find an old Lafayette KT-550 power amp.  Have a tech change the tubes to EL34 power tubes and be done with all of this.  The change to the EL34 tubes is basically the tube socket wires are moved and re-bias the amp.

Second option is to find an old Counterpoint hybrid power amp that has been modified.  If not modified, I can do that also.  Great driving power and sweetish sounding amps.

Happy Listening.

I'v been trying to email Music Reference for awhile with the address on the website with no response. I need repairs done to my RM 5 mk iii, anyone have updated contact info?
A few weeks ago I called the number listed on the MR website, and Roger answered. Call in the morning. If you’re in S. California, the tech at Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia (a long-time Music Reference retailer) is very familiar with Roger’s designs, and does excellent repairs (he also works on VTL, Jadis, and just about all tube electronics). His name is Tom, and he works on Wednesdays and Saturdays (his fulltime job is as a maintenance/service engineer at a radio or TV station---I forget which!---in L.A.).
dmann201, the email from the MR website is rarely monitored by Roger. If you want to reach us use the following email: