Dear Moderator

I want to thank you for not allowing my post regarding the Emotiva purchase of Bob Carver LLC Tube Amplifiers.

It was news that angered me and I wrote a regrettable slur. I was happy to see it didn't make it this morning. Thanks

A First!
Let Vic's regret be a lesson to others. Just because we spend time typing doesn't mean hitting 'send or submit' is mandatory. Sometimes just writing is cathartic, I've written plenty of posts and not posted them.
And both you and the athletic dir...oops...moderator get to keep your jobs!!!
A pox on your regrets, good sir ;-) Your earlier thread has been posted. (Not sure you were serious, but....)
Now I am going to wonder what Vic said. That is irksome. If Boib's tube amp company was bought be Emotiva good for him I wish him all the success he can get. But what's this slur business ???
There are now dealers selling Bob's hand-built gems. Compare that quality to a Chinese factory. I should grab some Cherry 180s fast.
This isn't it?
It takes something like this to realize I really am a blundering old fud. Oh Well,

If the Gon allowed my post I guess I'll have to stand behind it and take it on the head by the legions thrifty Emothia users.
I thought it was funny. I loved the movie, and I don't like many movies.
I post stuff all the time that I wished I hadn't. I think I'm trying to get the record for most apologies on the gon. DOH...
For Vic:
Forgive me O' Audiogon Moderator for that of which he hath sinned.
We shall say two Hail Carys......
(monoblock-SETs, if you please)
That does sound like a slur calling Emotiva an alien invader and such. The truth is,however that they will have to leave Bob Carvers's amps pretty much as they are, if the Carver line will be successful. That is big beautiful and powerful small productionn pieces, otherwise what wouls make the stand out. They clearly wanted a Tube amp line to sell as the big brothers to the more plebian transister amps.
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