dear maggie 1.6 owners a good way to run them

i have two sets one toed in and the outer planed with wall .if you run the out side pair useing the low inputs and run the inside pair full range you get a good sound and more bass then you will ever need get rid of the sub woffer and get fast bass that sounds right polk audio did this with there sda 1.2s tweters in center and one set of 6.5s in side and a set of inverted out side in works well try it you will be shocked peace
But what you're doing is entirely different from what Polk did. Polk used polarity inverted drivers to cancel interchannel crosstalk, which resulted in a spacious soundstage.

You're basically just doubling up the bass panels, which, in addition to requiring a wide room, will give you lots of midbass, but not much more low bass.

It probably sounds really cool, but if you actually measured the response, you'd probably find an obvious bass peak somewhere between 60Hz and 80Hz.

Personally, I'm getting excellent results using a Paradigm X-30 crossover to mate my Maggie 1.6's to a 12" front-firing sub crossed at just above 50Hz. It's about as seamless as it gets and extends the response to the mid 20Hz's.
These were the Polk speaker w/a pair of mids and a pair of tweeters in each enclosure? They were located about 6" or 7" apart, the same as your ears.
Difference signals were sent to 1 pair...don't remember if 'inside' or 'outside' pair.

Do I remember rite? Carver did a similar thing all electronically, in the form of the Sonic Hologram, which has several unflattering nicknames.
plato they work good the high ribons are next to each other so the sound stage is much more extended i no this sounds like kid stuff auido classics has alot of there customers doing this set up i realy had my doubts we cant find a woofer we like i have had so many it always the same loss of detail "peace"