Dealers That Sell Large Volumes of Used Gear Online

I have purchased from a couple such dealers, and my favorite so far is The Music Room in Colorado.  They have been entirely professional, and most importantly, their gear always arrives well packed and in better shape than even their description would lead one to expect.  Their prices are reasonable, they are not gouging. I'm not affiliated, just a happy 2x customer.
And the question is... who have you had good experience with?  And who not so much...?
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I have dealt with TMR. I found them to be very professiona and friendly to deal with.
I've had straightforward and fair deals with both Perrotta Consulting and Weinhart Design, although not as good prices as TMR (still, it was my choice to do the deal). Luke warm to cold experience with Scott Walker Audio, who ultimately didn't have time enough to fix a problem and was too busy to respond with reasonable promptness. 
Underwood Wally is a straight shooter...  you just need to know what you want. 
TMR has very good customer service, knowledgable and respectful. And very reasonable prices for a dealer.
Underwood is good, many nice items, but I don’t like the no return policy. Even on a close-out, there should be a return on some items.
I asked TMR if a speaker was finished in real wood or vinyl, they told me to write down the serial numbers and call the manufacturer...I was done with them...
Underwood — Several purchases, always happy about the price and product (multiple PS Audio PowerPlants).

HigherFI — One very happy purchase (Avalon Eidolon).

USA Tube Audio — Good deals on Ayon gear (Triton III, CD07)
High End Electronics- Alfred Kanz is also a pleasure to deal with I've bought several items from him.
Jl35, seems like a reasonable answer on used gear they perhaps are not even a dealer for. 
maybe so, but for the money asked, I thought they would was a speaker they were selling...
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I just did 2 transactions with Underwoodwally. Nice guy to talk to, great prices, I don't like the No return policy but I knew what I wanted so it was a non-issue

Had the same experience with their store being vacant / unattended.  It must be a very effective way of excluding potential customers from the throngs of tire kickers they might risk getting if they were open.
"RDLGUY" is the pseudonym used by Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle.  I tried hard to buy an item from them - communication was frustratingly slow and incomplete.

By the time I'd managed to get answers to my (rather basic) questions they sold the item to someone else.

I've had a couple of good experiences with Underwood Hifi as well. Wally was great to deal with.
I did a trade-in deal with TMR a few years ago. They gave me a very fair trade price for a Bryston B-100sst towards a Primaluna Dialogue Premium.  The tube cage of the PL came in with a cracked glass and they replaced the whole cage within a week. Very satisfied customer. 
Audio Solution in Indianapolis has been great to work with for both new and used gear .

Audio solutions Indy is a great place. Their prices are a little high, but the staff is highly knowledgeable and they have more inventory than the other 8 audio stores within 150 miles of me combined.  Like 20-30 times the inventory New/used I have seen anywhere.  I stop in once a month or so and it takes hours just to look at what they have. 
Spirit is a nice little shop in Northampton, Ma. Bought from them a long time ago. Recent purchases from Audio Classics in Vestal, NY were all completely first class in every respect. Would buy from them again.
Echo Audio in Portland Oregon. these guys sell both new and used gear.  They've been around since the mid to late 90's.
Great guys at Spearit.....I have purchased several pieces from them and am lucky that my job puts me in Northhampton once in a while. I pop in every time im out there....  they sell at lot of cj and nad on line, I would recommend them to anyone.

TMR prices are high for most of what they sell. Ever see the pics they have of gear? I guess they're using some kind of a camera that has very little detail and everything looks like it has a gray haze to it.

Echo in Portland OR. is w/o a doubt one of the best if not the best. The pics of gear are very good and the prices make TMR appear to be gouging the potential customer. Echo fix/replace anything that isn't working correctly 100%. And they give a warranty on there gear.

Hanson Audio - I think they're in the Northeast. (I'm too lazy to backtrack this morning.) 

Bought a Primare phono preamp from them for a little below their asking price a while back.  They countered, accepted, shipped quickly, followed up, all the things retailers ought to be doing. Very nice people. 

Reno Hifi. Can't say enough about Mark. Sets the bar very high. Answers emails quickly, picks up the phone himself.  Three purchases in about two years.  He's my go-to for Pass Labs, period. 

AudioClassics NY.  TONS o' McIntosh gear and other manufacturers. Pair of Usher floorstanders a while back. Repacked with enough protection to withstand a MOAB.  Quick on the phone, quick with emails. 

Saturday Audio Chicago.  Got my pair of Thiel CS 3.6 from them about 2 weeks ago. They're great on the phone, not so much with email. Speakers were repacked with so much protection I almost needed a dumpster. Flawless and as described/photographed in the ad. Phone better - super helpful and knowledgeable all the way. 

Outstanding! selections- oblgny

Hanson A/V is in the Dayton, OH area.
Those guys have a real "knack" for obtaining excellent used/demo gear, especially, Thiel Loudspeakers.

Happy Listening!
I’ve had good experiences with both TMR Audio and Spearit Sound. TMR gave me a fair price for trade on an integrated amp (maybe less than I’d be able to sell it for here on Audiogon, but remember they’re running a business and have to factor their overhead into the equation) and an equally fair price for the integrated amp I exchanged it for. I bought a refurbished CD player from Spearit sound as the result of a very informative and friendly phone conversation with one of their staff. According to their website, proprietor Ralph Spear is retiring. I hope this doesn't mean they're closing up shop. 
As above,
I have always wanted to visit Audio Solution in Indy. Hope to make it there soon. Happy Listening!
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Thanks! for sharing- cooper52-

it appears that TMR Audio has quite a selection of gear on any given day.
Spearit Sound is always excellent. Happy Listening!
TMR has been great to deal with.  I've sold multiple pieces to them, and they have offered fair prices.  They are quick to get a quote to me, and they send the mailing labels so I can just drop it off at Fedex.  

Echo Audio is also fantastic.  Friendly and knowledgeable service, and good selection of gear.  

Thanks! for sharing- smrex13
Echo Audio has been around for many years, excellent reputation as well.
Happy Listening!
I'll chime in here and offer another round of Kudos to The Music Room in Colorado, specifically for a guy named Karl who, when a problem arose in our transaction, managed it professionally, resolved it quickly. Very honest and trustworthy operation. I wouldn't think twice about doing business with them again in the future when and if...  Excellent packaging/protection on my equipment as well. Fast, too. 

Also anothet nod for MusicDirect.  Totally without nonsense, fast and professional. 

I recently discovered a source for new, used, and demo gear; Audiowaves Hifi. I’ve made two purchases so far on some "sale" items. I also purchased a JPS Labs cable and returned it, no problem at all.
The owner, Alan, is great to deal with and offers free shipping.

Too bad about Spearit Sound.
Happy to see this discussion taking place! We’re passionate about used gear and there a number of great, reputable dealers out there that have been mentioned here. A couple of points of clarification. We are independently owned and operated - not affiliated with any other dealers or business. We offer a 45-day return policy on everything purchased at We have a growing staff of music-lovers that are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Please contact us directly with any feedback (positive or negative) as we are always looking to improve the customer experience. Enjoy the music!  -Rob
skify seems to have a lot of gear on here. I recently purchased a Sota Sapphire...fair price.....packed so no damage could possibly happen....double boxed .....was impressed with better than description and speed of delivery.
I am currently dealing with TMR Audio. I asked for a quote on an amp and a pre-pro, they offered about half what I asked, but the equipment is just taking space and I wanted them out of the way, so I accepted. They sent me labels and I shipped them, now they're telling me the pre-por is not accepting HDMI input, but I know for sure it does, because I've been using it for years without issues. So now I'm stuck I guess, because if I decide I don't want to sell, they'll probably ask for the shipping cost both ways, which will probably be as much as what They're offering me. Be advised, if you use any of these places, once you ship your items, you're at their mercy.- cross your fingers and pray they don't decide to screw you, because they CAN.
I will update when I get this resolved one way or another.
Joe Abrams of Equus Audio is the man for used MIT products with a wealth of long term knowledge. Unsurpassed service in my experience. 
Just knew about TMRAudio,bought the Arcam rDAC USB DAC D/A convertor. Yes indeed fantastic choices of hifi gears. I am yet to receive my item in a few days times. Will frequent this site more. What strike me is the International shipping regardless of the weight. Looking forward to find my speakers in TMRAudio. Cheers
I have dealt with Skyfi and was very pleased with them.  I live in Hawaii and its hard to find good quality pieces sometimes, but I received my items intact and well packaged.
Reading all of these I see Spearit Sound mentioned several times. They closed for good last fall. The new factory refurbished B-Stock dealer for NAD is now Safe & Sound HQ of Chicopee MA. I believe they got a couple of guys from Spearit Sound to move to working there, not certain.

If anyone has dealt with Safe & Sound HQ, I'd appreciate knowing if they're any better than Spearit Sound. I wasn't offended going into Spearit Sound, but neither was I impressed. Place was messy, and certain people seemed more helpful than others.

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