Dealers that don't e-mail or call

I have recently run into 2 dealers that won't answer e-mails or return a phone call. I just can't understand this. When someone makes an inquiry that person is a potenial customer.

I used to be in the Fashion Industry and I'll never forget I got a call one day inquiring about a product I was manufacturing. The person told me they were just getting started in the business and didn't have much experience. I took the time to tell them about my product and anwered other questions they had that didn't pertain to what I do.

0ne month later I get a call from a guy that owns 10 stores.
He tells me that I had talked to his cousin and how I was so helpful with him over the phone and gave him contacts for other merchandise he was looking for. Well to make a long story short that guy turned out to be one of my best customers. All I did was answer a phone call and tried to help someone out and it generated mid 6 figures sales over the next couple of years.

I have been out of that business for over 7 years and I still get a christmas card every year from that old customer.

The point of the story is it pays to be nice and try to help people out. You never know who your next great customer will be.
Years back I worked as a salesman for a company that would occasionally fire a salesmen for failing to return a customer call on a same-day basis. While the company made many mistakes, I don't think they were often wrong to judge salespeople on this point.
Agreed. I have sent two email inquiries to an Audiogon seller who stated in the listing that he has many _____ for sale, and requests an email for pricing. I've sent two emails and I have never received a reply. At this point, if I did receive a reply, I'd likely not purchase from this individual.
Besides, it's just the right thing to do.
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. More often than not, you get back what you put out.

Good story Taters.

Courtesy is a fashion that never goes out of style.
I email members about music for sale, (infact just had this happen last week or so for a Neil Young LP) sometimes I never hear back from them and figure either they are busy or items sold before I got to them...I suppose my email may never have got to them or was deleted as junk....oh well.
Dealers who dont return calls really shoot themselves in the foot, not gonna get my referal if you dont take time to touch base with a customer or potential customer. My favorite dealer is really great about communication, he just called me last night and ended up chatting about potential upgrades for over half an hour.....that attention goes miles for future purchase and word of mouth endorsements.