Dealers hijacking the discussions

I’m a very long term member and look at the forums most every day. I’m personally extremely irritated by dealers injecting sales pitches into the discussions which has never really been a problem before. Dealers are biased as it’s the nature of business and this is fine but I don’t go to audiogon to see shameless promotion. There’s one guy in particular that needs to go away. The fact that you’ll all know who it is says volumes about the amount of posting this guy/dealer does on audiogon. Does anyone feel as I do. Just curious.
Yes Gpgr4blu, I did read it, your feeling is if someone chimes in on that topic and only that topic/product is cool and all other response is in your words trolling.

You obviously didn’t read the Wilson Sasha post either, here is the direct quote from the OP

" Looking for any advice on whether this seems like a good deal, whether the Sasha 2s would be a big step up from the Proacs."

Again if you actually read the man has concerns, if a 25+ pair of Proac has even in this man’s mind a possiblilty to stand up to a pair of Brand new state of the art Wilson Sashas, then obvioulsy the man wasn’t 100% convinced.

If you also notice he never said" I am going to buy this or that, he was wondering if the used pair of Sashas was a good deal, and could easily better his Proacs.

The fact that most of us would say is almost any good $10k+ pair of speakers should easily beat the stuffings out of an older set of Proacs.

Dave owner,
Audio Doctor NJ

Nonise I couldn’t agree with you more, in Grgr4blu’s mind we are the evil misguided troll dealer, vs his rightous good dealer friends whom all do the right things and he is the hero of our story the rightous do gooder who calls out and vanquishes evil.

I would be so into haveing people who read these posts actually come over and hear our reference system and see for themselves and then go listen to his system and see which is better, I bet that would make great TV.

Audio Wars!

" Tangents. It's all about tangents."Well said nonoise.
Dealers should have some symbol/identifier that means they are a dealer,in their name somewhere .Just so we know.
"  evil misguided troll dealer, vs his rightous good dealer friends whom all do the right things and he is the hero of our story the rightous do gooder who calls out and vanquishes evil" ..Hey,As long as the Hero's all wear a Mask and a Cape.Maybe a Treble Clef symbol on their chest?
As a consumer, I can certainly understand the OP's sentiment, but as a business owner and vendor here on Audiogon, I also have to see things from the point of view of someone who spends a lot of money to be a part of this community and wants to recoup on that investment by sourcing new clients.

That being said, there is quite a bit of difference between a vendor chiming in to say, "hey, we carry the brand that you are looking at and would love to help you if you aren't already working with another dealer that you like," vs completely derailing a thread by making repeated posts in an attempt to close a deal that would be best handled via PM's. It's all in how it's handled.

I'd also like to point out that just because a vendor stands to gain financially from his advice doesn't mean that it's not still good advice or that it isn't in the client's best interest. I personally always recommend equipment based on how well it addresses my clients' needs, not on what's the most profitable for me. Perhaps others here do not do that, I don't know - I can only attest to my own business practices.

At the end of the day, most of us are small business owners just trying to earn a living and provide for our families, and this is a tough industry with lots of competition. We have thousands of dollars going out the door every month in rent, utilities, advertsing, insurance, payroll, vendor contracts w/ minimum annual purchase requirements, etc., and don't always have the luxury of waiting for people to walk through the door to make a sale.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, go easy on us, guys - I know that no one likes a salesman, but we're not here to take advantage of anyone (at least I hope no one is doing that) - we're just here in hopes of finding people that are in the market to purchase equipment, and if we can provide them with that equipment at a good price and with good service, that's a win for all involved.

Take care guys,

David Campbell
President - Southern A/V Direct, LLC
@inna ,

I'm not sure why you feel the need to be so inflammatory in your response, especially considering that I'm not even one of the dealers under fire here (I don't post much on these forums, to sell or otherwise - too busy). I was simply trying to point out that most dealers are just honest people trying to earn a living and don't deserve the level of hostility that is sometimes directed towards them, as you have just demonstrated.

That being said, I'm going to politely bow out of the conversation now since there's clearly nothing that I can say without being senselessly berated for it. I hope that whoever among us dealers have prompted this kind of response from the community will learn from this and take a softer approach with their dealings going forward. Just know that most of us are not part of that problem, and can be great resources for you guys when needed. 

Best wishes,

David Campbell
President - Southern A/V Direct, LLC