Dealers and exaggerated treble

I've been thinking about some negative experiences I've had at dealers over the past few years. I don't mean the dealer's were unpleasant, they were not. I mean that I heard bad sound.

In a lot of those cases, the treble was exaggerated, or harsh to me.

I'm wondering, have you ever heard really bad treble at a dealer, but then you hear the speakers elsewhere and they seem fine?

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I noticed sizzly treble in at least two models I auditioned.  One (Paradigm) seems to be tipped-up out of the box, per Stereophile measurements. The other I'm not sure about. The dealer's listening room had a live end (brick wall) at the speaker end of the room.  Didn't seem like a good choice.
Even some speaker manufacturers over-emphasize the treble and fool the audience into thinking they are hearing extra air and detail -- but they are not; furthermore, when they get the speakers home, they find that they give them listening fatigue.

A bunch, IMO.  I think you have to be really diligent while auditioning to put yourself in a listening-at-home mindset.