Dealer warning - credit card scam

If this is too off topic, forgive me. But I feel it's important. Upscale Audio was contacted twice by two different parties wanting to make purchases to send to Indonesia. I asked if the product was distributed there, and they said no. I stated if that was the case then we would sell to them by wire transfer.

We sell lots of tubes and smaller items by credit card, and are very careful. We hardly ever sell gear to Asia except the Tjoeb.

The first party insisted that they only work by credit card. I stated that is fine if they fax the front and back of the card and a signed invoice. Never heard from them again.

Got another inquiry from Indonesia...similar story...can't wire funds as he is out of town, etc etc. Does not own a fax machine, but wants $10,000 worth of gear. It didn't add up.

I called Mastercard Security and the card holder is a U.S. resident. No other information matched. They killed the card on the spot.

I thought folks should know, and I might suggest that others that may not even be dealers, but have the ability to take credit cards, should be mindful. I could have been boinked for $16,000 bewteen the two transactions
Nice going Kevin!!!
I was sent emails from the same people asking the same.
Expensive gear, clearly stolen cards, which I took no part.
Great idea to post this, a warning to everyone!

Same thing happened to me. Guy would only work through e-mail. Wouldn't call. Wanted a bunch of Nordost cable. Card was rejected three times. Said he owned a stereo store in Indonesia.