Dealer recommendation for Yamaha, Elac, Metrum Acoustics, Auralic, VPI Prime

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to buy a full set of equipment listed below:

1. Yamaha A-S3000 (black)
2. Yamaha CD-S3000 (black)
3. Yamaha 3070 AV Receiver (black)
4. Metrum Acoustics Pavane DAC or Ayre QX-5 (black)
5. ELAC Adante Floorstanding speakers AF-61
6. Auralic Aries G2 (black)
And additionally
7. VPI Prime Signature Redwood Edition
8. Interconnects, Powercables - VooDoo Cables (I like their quality)

Want to purchase everything together and save the total cost of the purchase. Looking for the vendor who carries most of the equipment (preferably everything on the list)

Do you have any recommendations or contacts?

So far I have found HifiHeaven in WI ( which seems carries all brands above (not sure about Elac, it is listed in their brand section, but product search returns nothing).

Thank you for the help and recommendations!

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Music Direct carries Yamaha, VPI, and Elac. Have you heard all these components together? System synergy is crucial to getting the best sound within a given budget. I love Yamaha amps, but from the little I've heard of the Adantes, I think there's a good chance that would be a "bright" combo.
As a soon to be Elac dealer I would agree with helotech.

Unless you have heard the above combo you might not love it together.

I would ask why these specific pieces?

An Aries G2 may be excellent but then why exclude a matching dac?

Or maybe an integrated streamer.

Too many variables you should find an Elac dealer and put together a system you know you will love.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Thanks for your feedback @helomech and @audiotroy  

I didn't have a chance to test this setup exactly. Very hard to find such a dealer who has everything in their demo room. To answer with more details

1. I definitely don't like the bright type synergy, I prefer a sweet, warmer side of music without it being dark. I listen primarily to chillout, downtempo, EDM, 80s, Balearic, Smooth Jazz and soft rock.

2. I also want to bi-wire the amp (hence the Yamaha). My journey into audiophile world started with my very first Yamaha rs500 amp bi-wired into JBL 180 floor standers. It was almost 10 years ago and I grew loving that setup more and more. 

3. I disliked the first gen of Auralic Vega DAC because it was too bright for my taste and overly analytical. But their streamer (back then with yellow screen) is great and I still have it in my setup, so this is the reason I'd like to get gen 2 of the streamer.

4. At the office, I have Headamp GSX MK2 with Ayre Codex being the source. I like that combo and will be doing switching between floor standing speakers and headphone listening, with additional DAC (MA Pavane) which I do believe is a great for GSX MK2

So with the info above what would you recommend me to change, what speakers do you think is a better choice for Yamaha amp?

In speakers I also like
- PSB T3 Tower,
- Paradigm Persona line (Although I would not want to spend money on PP for the office)
- Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 MK2
- Spatial Audio M3 Hologram (But I think they will not be a good match for yamaha)
- JBL Studio 590

I use Spendor SP2/3s bi-wired to an A-S1100 and I think they have great synergy. Other than the EDM, I think they'd work great for your genre preferences. I imagine KEF's reference series might pair well also. These amps sound great with KEF LS50s. There's a rumor that the A-S3000 has a leaner tonal balance than the 2100. Might be worth investigating. I personally would put the bulk of the budget toward speakers. I'd rather have $9k speakers with a $3k amp.

I almost pulled the trigger on the AS-61 Adantes, just out of sheer curiousity, but the video of them at the Munich show, and Steve Guttenberg's recent assessment lead me to believe they might lean toward the bright side. I don't think the newer Yamaha amps are bright, but I wouldn't call them warm. They're very revealing as well.

When spending this kind of money you'll definitely want to audition the gear somehow. I realize it's a pain, but maybe you can make a weekend road trip or order from a dealer with a return option. 
Most brick and mortar stores can assemble the core of a system that's their business. At the very least your dealer should be able to assemble the receiver, speakers, and a reasonably similar source. I would think the money you save might not be worth results you may get when you get home.

Call a few Elac dealers around the country and ask what receivers they use to display these speakers.