Dead Trans Rotor TT, Drive

I bought a beautiful Trans Rotor turntable used from one of the most reputable dealers in the country. Its the style that has a separate motor that turns a belt that drives the platter. The motor is a small round chrome thing that gets its power from a supply that is about the size of a small fat paperback, black and only says "Plattenspieler-Netzteil 8, 115V AC, 10VA, Output 18 V-AC made in Germanay, Trans Rotor" on it (i.e. no model number). The supply plugs into the wall with an ungrounded regular US style plug but plugs into the TT motor with something that resembles more like what an old mouse would plug would use: a six pin round connection where the pins plug in and a coaxial type housing tightens down on the unit. When i plug the supply in and pull out my voltmeter set for AC, i get 6 volts coming from 3 of the five female holes, interestingly regardless of whether i ground the other probe. Three of the other holes give me nothing. Also, when left plugged in the supply does not get warm like most supplies/wall warts. Without a working power supply i cant troubleshoot the motor. My dealer has been trying to contact his supplier and its taking forever. If he comes up empty I am afraid I am screwed. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is this the way the power supply should work? (3 strange 6 volt readings, that maybe-not-so-coincidentally add up to 18).

On a lark, if anyone is in san francisco and has a working power supply like I have described and would be willing to let me bring my motor over to see if it works with it I will bring you a bottle of wine or something. Just feeling really helpless here, and admittedly sad. My wife left me a few weeks ago to top it off. I could use my turntable now more than ever. Not sure who/what i miss more. Actually, I am sure.

You gave an incredible amount of detail but left out some of the important information. What is happening when you flip the switch on the back of the motor controller? Does the blue light come on? Do you get any rotation of the motor? Does your motor controller have two speeds and have you tried both?

I have a Fat Bob S and the motor controller is never warm to the touch. Does it make any noise when you turn it on? In my mind the longer the dealer takes, the less "Reputable" he becomes.

Keeping in mind if new parts are needed they will probably have to be ordered from Germany.

If ours are similar I can test the pins on the connector and try to help that way.
The motor itself has a push button on/off switch. 33 vs 45 rpm is determined by moving the belt to a different position on the drive spindle itself. Its a very simple system, no lights or other switches. And that applies to the power supply as well: no lights, no switches, just plug into the wall, presto. The spindle doesnt spin anymore. Thats my only metric. And I dont get 18 volts out of any combination of holes coming out of the power supply (just the weird 6 volt things described previously).

I saw an image of the Fat Bob S online. Mine is kinda like an Anorexic Bob, same basic setup but the platter is much thinner. The motor looks the same, but without the pedestal.

Take it to your dealer and asked for a refund assuming that you have taken good care of it.
Or Get another one from him to use while the parts are being assembled from scratch.
Or go cuting edge instead of multiple pulleys and motors no strings or belts etc, and get an edge turning motor.
Or buy a Dual for a ridiculous sum.
Or if you really love vinyl buy Albert Porter's Walker. If you have seen the perfectionist effort effort with respect to every detail and sensible theory he makes tangible going into those tables you might be tempted.
I can help you Mr. Walker is a member of our audio group