Dead Oracle

Help my Oracle power supply hs given up t ghost andi cannot aford the replacement a it would cost nearly 2000.00 pounds I am retired so i am after a second hand one. We have tried to fix it and found that the drive transistors which activat the Hall efect mor are kaput but I cannot find the equivalent. So if any one has any of these spare or have an idea to sort the problem i would really appreciate it as there are 2000 plus records to play TIA
My power supply died a while back.I looked around and could not find a DC 27 volt supply.I ended up buying a DC power supply.You'll need one that can supply 30 volts.Cut the cord on the dead supply as near as possible to the black wall wart box.Wire that to the DC outputs.Nothing to it.I bought my DC Supply for about $100.If you google Mastech HY3003D you can see the one I bought,that's been running my table more than a year with no issues.E-mail me privately if you have additional questions.That vinyl wants to spin.
Here is a few that will work for your Oracle

27V DC Power supplies with universal input voltage

Best of luck

I dont know what version of the Oracle you have, but the 27vdc only works on mk 1 and 2. Mk 3 up uses 12vac and has a more complicated control circuit. the Turbo supply is something different also. You can get the 24vdc wall wart power supply directly from Oracle for about $100 or the turbo supply for much much more. but, for $2000, I think you are referring to the motor controller.
If the bad parts are discrete transistors, as you infer, you might try Googling the parts numbers. Very often seemingly unobtainable transistors and ICs can actually be found from sources in the Far East. I have had to do it twice, and I am 2 for 2 on success. You've got nothing to lose by trying. And you may solve your problem for a few dollars or a few pounds.