Dead Can Dance's Into the Labyrinth

Anybody on this one? Just picked it up, after hearing Srajan, from 6moons, talking on Audio Asylum, about this cd he heard at the CES Show in Las Vegas. Actually, what I'm interested in is Dead Can Dance. Other cds. Background. Whatever. thanks in advance. peace, warren
Check out the DCD "Spiritchaser" as well. Excellent dynamics with exciting, surprising sounds. Each cut is unique. Start with the spacey & brilliant 'Song of the Stars'.
***I urge you to turn off the lights, light a candle (or whatever your pleasure may be) and listen LOUDLY from start to finish.***

BTW, their CD "Within the Realm of of a Dying Sun" was a dissapointment to me.

In a similar vein, try to locate the oop Beasts of Paradise "gathered on the edge" CD.

Start from the end of this band's career and work backward. Lots of great stuff recorded quite nicely. Also, their solo projects are worth the money. You might find the soundtrack to the movie "Insider" at a pretty cheap price, and it's good stuff.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I can tell you a little bit about them. I have 2 cd's - "Aion", and "Within the Realm of the Dying Sun". Both very good, and interesting, though probably not among my favorite cd's. The one thing I'll say is they are unique.
There are many musicians playing on the cd's, but the primary members are Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Lisa Gerrard is now solo and has done a lot of movie soundtracks, inclding "Gladiator" and "Whale Rider". I have her cd "Mirror Pool" which is better than either of the DCD cd's I have. One track on it, "Sanvean" is the reason I bought it and was played in a West Wing episode last year. It's a beautiful, haunting piece.
I've only heard sample from "Into the Labarynth", enough to confirm it's pretty similar to their other stuff which I already have.
hope that helps . . .
Into the Labyrinth is the best one I think and the vinyl is supposed to be even better sounding. Spiritchaser is pretty good and the sound is very good. DCD is no longer together. There is a box set available with a DVD.
"Yulunga" from "Into The Labyrinth" is a demo quality track. Actually the entire CD is very well recorded. I can highly recommend the vinyl version of this as well. Kind of hard to find, but new copies of it surface from time to time, fifty to sixty bucks a pop though.

The live "Toward The Within" has live tracks of most of ITL as well as a couple of others.
I have "Into The Labyrinth", "In the Realm..." and "Toward The Within" on LD.

Lisa Gerrard's voice can shove easily all Grammy contenders at once.
I had it since it came out in "93"
Great recording and demo disc.
I like "Tell Me More About The Forest" & "How Fortunate The Man With None"
Brendan's vocals are awsome, try listening at night with the *lights out* !!
First off...I'm not trying to be mean but I just hate it when bands I've been listening to now for nearly 20 years are the cool new thing at these audio shows. It's like how can someone have NOT heard of Dead Can Dance? If you have ANY sort of interest in music I just don't see how you would never be exposed to their music. The "I have $4000 speaker wire and 12 cds" crowd just sucks.
Spirit Chaser and Into The Labyrith are excellent on vinyl. I recomend all of their vinyl output.
The mysterious voice of "Dead Can Dance" is Lisa Gerrard, the same voice heard in the motion picture "Gladiator" and "Whale Rider".

Her first album is simply titled "This Mortal Coil," produced in 1983 and available in the USA on LP in 1984. It's a compilation of artists on the 4AD record label.

Shortly after that release, she became part of "Dead Can Dance, " supplying her magic on the following LP's.

1984. "Dead Can Dance" 4AD 
1985 "Spleen and Ideal" 4AD
1987 "Within the Realm of a Dying Sun" 4AD
1988 "Serpent's Egg" 4AD
1999 "Aion" 4AD
1993 "Into the Labyrinth" 4AD
1994 "Toward the Within" [live] 4AD
1996 "Spiritchaser" 4AD

Lisa's success caused her to go out on here own but rumors are the group will get back together, including a USA and European tour this year. I saw them live about 1989 and was overwhelmed by their talent and musical performance.

The 1984 release of "This Mortal Coil", is worth looking for, here is the track line up for that album, the artists and the length of play.

1 "Kanga-Roo," Chilton (3:30)
2 "Song to the Siren," Beckett, Buckley (3:30)
3 "Holocaust," Chilton (3:38)
4 "Fyt," Fryer, Watts-Russell (4:23)
5 "Fond Affections," Rema, Rema (3:50)
6 "The Last Ray." Guthrie, Raymonde (4:08) 
7 "Another Day," Harper (2:54) 
8 "Waves Become Wings," Gerrard (4:25)
9 "Barramundi," Raymonde (3:56)
10 "Dreams Made Flesh." Gerrard (3:48)
11 "Not Me," Newman (3:44)
12 "A Single Wish." Raymonde, Sharp, Young (2:26)

As you can see, Lisa is responsible for only track 8 and contributions to other cuts, with fellow 4AD artists.

If you like this type of sound, these other artist have struggled along, making magic and mystical music like LIsa but failed to catch as much attention as "Dead Can Dance", which if you consider Lisa's recent motion picture music success as 'arriving', it took 20 years for much of the general public to know who she was.

Here are but a few of the other 4AD artists:

I have all the starred (*) titles on LP and in general, the recordings are absolutely superb. Nice to see a thread about music.
Wow Albert, very nice suggestions. Looks like I have to upgrade my Dead can dance collection. I noticed Lisa's voice in Whalerider but did not know the connection to Dead can dance. Thanks for the post Warren. I had complete forgotten about this CD, not listened to it in two years and your post got me to pick it up again.

Albert, and the rest: A big thank you. I'm going to check out a couple more of DCD's cds. I knew my rig had a deep soundstage, but playing Into the Labyrinth? It was ridiculous. Beautifully recorded. Only 2,maybe 3 tracks that didn't rock me. I'm not a big fan of synthesized music, but Into the Labyrinth was warm and toasty. thanks again. peace, warren
No further mention of "Toward The Within"? This live set is well-recorded, and gives nothing away in terms of the music IMO.

Rakim and Yulunga are standouts there, but all the songs are good.

Also, Lisa Gerrard has done some solo music aside from the soundtrack work. Peter Nooten (sp?) and Patrick Cassidy musical partners come to mind, not sure of others.

Brendan Perry has also done work outside DCD since its ending. The one thing I heard reminded me of DCD - without Lisa :-)

Good luck, and good listening!
I liked the phenomenal dynamics and purity of the sonics so much, that it is truly a "show off" your system CD. The quality for an early 90's CD, is particulary outstanding.
I thank Slipknot for introducing it to me.
Most pleasantly surprising, although Albert has now explained it, are the vocals. Great stuff and a must buy.
Oh yeah, this is one of the "staples" of cd's in rotation every few months for the past several years... their other work is quite decent too... worth looking into.
"Into the Labyrinth" is the last listenable release by this band.I personally prefer first 3 records.Also,never watch thei video on VHS/DVD.This will ruin it for you and turn everything into new age shmaltz.
Into the Labyrinth is wonderful. If you get a chance to see Lisa Gerard perform live, don't miss it. If you want to enjoy some of the early music that infleuences her world music, and hear, if you can believe it, an even MORE remarkable voice than Lisa's with an even greater range, check out the stunning recording on Alia Vox of "El Cant De La Sibil-La", Montserrat Figueras & Jordi Savall in
La Capella Reial De Catlunya. Make sure to get the Alia Vox version as there are two and the AV version is superior in every way. I'd recommend this recording to anyone who likes Gerard, as well as anyone who is passionate about music. It is a stunning recording, done in a stone church in Paris. The ambience, soundstage, and the sheer beauty of this piece and Figueras performance is enough to bring tears from a rock!

You should give immortal memory by Lisa Gerrard a listen. 4ad had many great bands-this mortal coil, lush, cocteau twins and still has a lot of new releases worth giving a spin.
Marco, you are so damn passionate, I couldn't resist. Hard to find the Alia Vox, but it's done. Just ordered that baby. I took a gander at your system, to see if you are a serious audiophool. lol.. Arkive Music said that they would refund my money if I don't cry. Eyes welling up?-- no refund.. Can't beat that deal...I'll keep you posted.
dont forget this one has the first dcd takes in the garage,
Warren- Better get your hanky out! Try not to get any tears about those lovely Caravelle's you are going on about all the time.

Let us know if it moves you as much as it does me. It'd be one of my desert island CD's for sure.

For a medieval, acoustic antecedent you could check for online store samples of eponymous "Acantus." It's been awhile since I've listened to that one, but it makes for an interesting reference point.
Albert, on your list you've starred recordings you have. If you could only keep one, which would it be? I'll start with that. Alright, you can make it two. thanks again. warren
I totally agree with Synthfreak. Been listening to them and purchased everthing when new since 1984. Listening to NYU-FM in NYC I guess had it privileges to lots of my type of music.
Even my post last January (2004) when her latest solo cd 'Immortal Memory' came out I picked this as one of my top 3 cd of the year, and it still is.

Warren. First would be This Mortal Coil, "It'll End In Tears" as mentioned in my first post.

Next would be Cocteau Twins where the voices are mysteriously intertwined and very melodic set to off beat timing and phasing. I have half dozen from this group but unfortunately the best songs and sound are equally scattered, making a definitive suggestion difficult.

Next is Richenel, the material I own is sung in French (which I don't understand). Although I cannot follow the lyrics, the album is very beautiful. My favorite from Richenel is "L'esclave Endormi", which I believe means "The Sleeping Slave." My version is LP and pressed at 45 RPM with stunningly dynamic bass and soaring vocal, making it a joy to listen to.

Richenel may be difficult to find, particularly the 45RPM version. This artist switched record labels shortly after he released this one with 4AD.

Next choice would be Clan of Xymox which is a distant third from "Dead Can Dance," and "This Mortal Coil," but still a very interesting piece and cannot be mistaken for typical FM radio play.

Here is a link to the Rolling Stone review of "This Mortal Coil." Appears you can download a sample and determine if worth seeking out.

This may not suit every taste, I am extremely diverse in my in music choices and why I hesitate to make suggestions.
Hey, what's wrong with someone discovering something they've never heard before? Even if it's 20 years old or 200 for that matter. No matter who you are, there's something out there you haven't heard. I don't think it's reason to criticise someone. Let's try to be more open minded!
I'm on it. Thanks again, Albert...
Hey Albert, have you checked out the Dead Can Dance tribute album, "The Carnival Within"? It has some very nice moments. It's on Cleopatra Records (CLP 0131) and came out in 1998.
And here is another tribute to DCD, a 2 cd package from Greece on Black Lotus Records, from the Projekt Store titled 'The Lotus Eaters'.
Albert: Thanks for the good DCD history and the heads-up on "This Mortal Coil, It'll End In Tears". I always enjoy your posts!

I have several of DCD's CD's, and enjoy them very much, but after recently jumping back into the wonderful world of vinyl, the little silver disc's are gathering dust.

Consequently, for the last 2-3 months I've been on a LP vinyl buying spree of major proportions, adding to the record collection I had mothballed over two decades ago.

In any case I found a copy of "This Mortal Coil, It'll End In Tears" on for a reasonable price. BTW, if anyone else is interested, a copy from another highly rated seller was available the last time I looked. In fact, since both copies were within a few cents of each other and the seller’s were similarly rated, I had a hard time choosing, and ended up buying from the gentleman closest to me (adjacent state).
This Mortal Coil-Filligree and Shawdows

This Mortal Coil-Blood

Lonely Is A Eyesore

Dead Can Dance-A Passage In Time

Lisa Gerrard-The Mirror Pool

Lisa Gerrard-Duality

His Name Is Alive-Livonia
Marco, I'm still crying. Too bad Figueras doesn't sing enough for me. Great recommendation. Next listening, after dinner, Albert's (others as well) Mortal Coil. What else are to do in a blizzard? Oh, a good fire, and better woman. thanks again...peace, warren
Rja-Spot on attitude; your comment reminds me of the occasionally mentioned quote on Sirius classical "reminding you that all music was once new". Marco-I took the El Cant recommendation as well. Spinning non-stop.
Glad you guys liked the recommendation. Warren, good thing there wasn't too much of her as you may have run short on tissues. For more of Figueras, albeit not quite as dynamic a collection of work, there is a wonderful collection of lullabies she's done. It's also under Alia Vox label (owned by Jordi Savall & Figueras BTW), and is titled "Ninna Nanna". It's a lovely collection of lullabies throughout the ages. Much more low key than Sibil-La, but that same stunning voice, and also the attention to recording detail that Alia Vox is known for. There are many stunning recordings on this label if you enjoy early music. Savall's own recordings are brilliant (viola da gamba mostly)! His playing is breathtaking (pun intended - you will know what I mean if you hear one).

looks like they are touring details at

Those of you who are fans of Cocteau Twins ( or more precisely Liz Fraser's mesmorising voice) and Lisa Gerard of DCD should also check out the 4AD label 'Song to the Siren' 12 inch EP and 'Lonely as an Eyesore' LP which has a couple of haunting tracks unreleased on their own albums.

Liz Fraser has also done some tracks with Massive Attacks album 'Mezzanine' and an album with FSOL 'Lifeforms'
anybody for a used Mortal Coil? $10 with shipping. Not my cup of java. Not even close. I'll save the critique. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I gave it two listens. I would have canned it on the first, but I'm trying to be teachable. peace, warren
Sorry Warren, the danger of suggesting music to people we cannot listen with.

You probably won't like Cocteau Twins either, they have more tracks on the "This Mortal Coil" album than Lisa Gerard .

So, my suggestion would be to listen before considering any other 4AD artists. Obviously Lisa Gerard and "Dead Can Dance" is the most accessible of the 4AD artist, otherwise they would not have shown up in Audiogon forums.

Must say though, I still like Cocteau Twins very much and enjoy "This Mortal Coil" as it is an introduction to the history and sound of these artists, long before they became famous.
Albert, it's the nature of the beast. I have a large and varied music pallid, but, hey, there are just some things that don't do it for me. I'm not into synthesized music as a rule, and overly recorded (I don't know what else to call it) voices become quite fatiguing after a short listen. Man, did Ella sound soooo good after Mortal Coil. and intimate....thanks again.
peace, warren
Try Loreena McKennitt: (the book of secrets) is a good one.

got it. now that's a voice I can listen to for a long while.. thanks, anyway.. Mortal Coil went fast on the 'gon.
For you Dead Can Dance fans, and those who may be interested in an interesting introduction, I have a brand spanking new copy of Lotus Eaters still in shrink wrap (already mentioned on this thread). I have a dublicate copy and this one was gifted to me. $14 + shipping of your choice. Ping me off the thread if interested. This is a double album compilation with various artists. Go to the link for further info.

Hey Albert, did you ever find any vinyl by the Eden, a group from Australia? They did two albums I've been able to find that sound very much like early DCD, although more on the ambient side, including harmonic singing. I like the 2nd LP the best.

A track from Serpent's Egg showed up on the Baraka soundtrack, which has some other material in the same genre. Lots of fun.
Great call on the Baraka soundtrack. It is my no. 1 desert island film, followed by Blade Runner. Another soundtrack very much in this vein by Vangelis.
Ralph, I have not found The Eden on vinyl, if you see a copy let me know.

I did get confirmation that Steve Tibbetts, "Big Map Idea" was shipped. When I see it, I will shoot it off to you.

Wish you could have been here tonight. One new member just bought Atma-Sphere amps and preamp and he is positively glowing over it.

We listened to open reel tape most of the night except for a break for LP of Schubert "Trout" (speaker corner release) and Bjork's new double LP which is 45 RPM !

Ella Fitzgerald and Dave Brubeck on open reel is awesome.
Got Dead Can Dance's Spirit Chaser. Love it. I ordered two by mistake. Any takers for the other?
Absolutely on the Baraka soundtrack, and the film itself! Just wonderful! My extra copy of Lotus Eaters has sold (thanks Rich), so please no more emails.

Jocelyn Pook-Untold Things. You should check this out next. She composed the music used in the Masked Ball scene of Eyes Wide Shut.
Also highly recommended, from Australia, is Trial Of The Bow. Both Ornamentation (1994) and Rite Of Passage (1997) are still available I believe...
Love that disc. Above average vocal sonics, but the best part is that, to me, it sounds like Sinatra coming down off an LSD trip.