Dead Can Dance Does it Again

I just got a new DCD album called Anastasis. When you get it open you immediately know this is no normal record. There is absolutely nothing written on the labels...they are colored puple, orange, etc. In the cover you discover that the songs title are written in colors which coincide with the labels. The records (2) seem to glow from within. They are a kind of translucent silver white and look absolutely stunning sitting on my turntable. All of this is nice, but if you like Dead Can Dance, you will love this album. The music...kind of middle-eastern with lots of percussion, and foreign sounding instruments is interesting..even the first time you listen to it. What got to me however, was the fantastic sound of this production. sounds as though it was recorded in a giant Egyptian temple...very, very long reverb which brings the listener to a new time and place. The lows are solid, deep, structural, and tactal..mids are clean and not over run by the long decay times. The high percussion is fast and presently alive. This was mastered at Masterlabs ...the whole product is absolutely wonderful. Highly recommended.
I'll order it tomorrow. Thanks! Probably here most of it live sept. 5th. Have tickets to them then.
Ordered a few cds from Amazon this morning. Wish I'd seen this thread first. :(
I posted my generally positive impressions of this release over at Audiocircle and seems there's a number of fans who think this release stinks. I don't think it's their strongest album by any means, but if you're a fan of their mid period work, you'll probably find it a worthwhile acquisition. There's little variation of tempo and I could see how someone might think this sounds like a long dirge. Totally agree that the engineering on the vinyl is spectacular. The cd is less outstanding, but still up to a high standard.
If they are dead how can they dance.
Ebm are you familiar with the term Zombie?
Brains ;). I think I head one of the new Mumford and Sons songs on the radio. Sounded very popish :(
DCD was very, very good show! Great music, great performance, and the sound quality was super good! I've been on a roll for really good shows lately.
I got this new cd last week and love it. There are a couple songs on there that are just mind blowing. Some of the songs have an epic feel to them with lots of low frequency bass rhythms, with I love. When I heard "Return of the She-King" for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes because it was so emotionally provoking. Very satisfying.
I have the double LP, it's a nice quiet pressing and very good sound.

Overall I prefer their older material, "The Serpent's Egg" and "Aion" but "Anastasis" is a keeper and I will likely grow to appreciate it more with time.
It sounds pretty much like Brendan's Ark with Lisa on vocals
I bought this LP a few weeks ago and love it!
Just ordered this album plus some Beck, Beastie Boys and Rob Zombie. :)
Got this yesterday. Like what I'm hearing so far and the clear vinyl is cool.