Dead Can Dance

I have just been turned on to this group Dead can Dance the cd is called Into the labyrinth and I think I am starting to like them. The cd seems to be recorded very well. on the cd it says 4AD is this why it sounds so good? is this a type of recording like mfsl?? is there any other cds with this type of sound? Thanks
4AD is a British label which has a lot of "Alternative" acts, some might categorize them as gothic or similar. My experience is mainly with the Dead Can Dance catalog, though I have a few others (can't remember which ones though), they all have good sound, some real good, but it has been a while since I have listened to them so I'll have to be a little vague. As far as music goes, the earlier Dead Can Dance is a little less accessible compared to their most recent (and sadly, last) CD Spiritchaser. The two principals, Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, have both put out solo albums which haven't strayed too far from the sound of Dead Can Dance. You might want to check them out.
If you like live music, their "Toward the Within" is terrific.
Just seen on the 4AD website that Lisa Gerrard will be releasing 2 new albums in 2003. Been a fan of DCD since 1984 when I heard them on WNYU-FM 89.1 in NYC as I have their first 4 releases on vinyl. I even have couple of their songs pick for my funeral. Also seen them in 1986 at Symphony Space (Broadway & W96th St.). Picked up their 3cd + 1dvd box set a couple of Christmases ago. Other artist on the 4AD label includes the Cocteau Twins.
As other postings report,DCD is no longer... many albums...My favorites: the serpent's egg and aion. There is also a video from towards the within tour that's worth catching. If you like DCD, you might also check out Michael Brook(cobalt blue and live at the aquarium) or the Cocteau Twins. All are on 4AD. A few years ago, J-10 was extolling virtues of import over domestic release 4AD's. I put Music Direct on to this a year or so earlier... I don't know if they still carry. If system is good, the difference is significant... Also, are you familiar with work of Harold Budd?
into the labyrinth is my fav' DCD album. give 'This Mortal Coil' a listen. they released 3 albums in the late 80's to early 90''s on the 4AD label as well and sounds beautiful. on one of their albums (It'll End in Tears), Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry contributed to a few of the songs.

happy tunes!!
I 've been a fan for a long time and would like to find some vinyl releases. Any ideas. Into the labyrinth is also my favorite