Dead advice on high end stereo/HT mix

I own Thiel 3.6s, Krell KSA200s and want to blend in a cheaper 5 channels system. Here are my questions..
1. What center channel speaker(less then $350) would best blend with the Thiels? Clearly Thiels are too expensive.
2. I'd like to get a Sony TA-E9000ES and a 3 channel or 5 channel amp plus two rear speakers all for less then $3K...what? The Sony would be hooked up/through my Sonic Frontiers Line 3 for the fronts. I'm not dead set on the Sony but it has gotten good reviews.

If you are looking for a dedicated home theater preamp, there is no better unit or value than the Lexicon DC-1.
These can be had preowned in the $1,000-1,400 range.
You will not find better processing than this for the price.
I would actually make the challenge that 99% of people will not hear the difference between the DC-1 and ANY 'better' unit when talking/listening specifically to Home Theater surround.

This leaves you with $2K for an amp, center, and surrounds!!

Give it a look/listen!
With the speakers that will blend with the Thiel 3.6's the closest to your price range in my opinion are the Monitor Audio Silver series 12i for center,either get the 4i's or the Silver Series Dipole surrounds, then get a Parasound 3 or 5 channel amp and you will be set. The Monitor Audio speakers are fast speakers like the Thiels and with a Parasound amp powering them it will be descent HT set up.
Keep them Stereo and HT systems separate. Get the best you can for your budget HT receiver + 5 monitors(or 4 monitors + center channel) + subwoofer. You will pay for an extra pair of monitors, but will save on headache. This way you don’t need to match center channel to thiels, simplify setup, get rid of potential ground loops
Thanks. After doing the rounds of the medium priced shops I'm convinced that Nar_com is correct. I've heard $1K speaker systems (5+sub) that sound dynamite for DVD soundtracks and they sound like crap for music. Going to $3-4K it still holds. The reason is most of what I heard was using a 5.1 or 6.1 channel receiver. I think that a good amp is really a waist of money (assuming the sub is self powered) Just listened to the Infinity modulus system driven by a 50w/channel Dennon. Sounded about as good as I would ever want so keeping my Class A stereo separate would save a lot of grief.