Dead 83-yr old sued by recording industry

Check this out. It really says something about the paranoia surrounding the recording industry and downloads.
I say they will dig up his body and take the jewelry and any gold in his dentalwork.
The RIAA Nazis are scumbags.
I have 10,000 + LPs and hav GIVEN AWAY 2,000 CDs that I paid for. I still have 600 CDs that I PAID for that are keepers.
I have rebought MANY MANY of the same titles over the years.
The folks who download can do so on my dime anyday.
The major recording companies deserve to go bankrupt.
"You’ve requested an page that does not exist".

The plot thickens.
The person in question was a woman, who, "did not own a computer, was computer illiterate, and wouldn't even know how to turn one on."
Yet another 'black eye' on the faces of the RIAA, which could be an acronym for 'really ignorant, arogant a**holes.
Just my opinion, but any time an entity becomes so large that it can and or will sue dead people of her situation, they deserve all the contempt I (maybe we) can muster.
Not only do they resell us 'Bridge Over Troubled Water" for the fourteenth time on a new type of medium, they probably cheat Simon and Garfunkel out of their fair share.
Must have been kharma!
I wonder what the story would've been like if the RIAA went to court & a subpoena was issued?
although it is not right to copy anything copywrited material, it is hard to have too much sympathy for the RIAA. when you read of the tons of cases where they use and abuse the music artists. I was amazed at how little the music artist gets for royalty on a $15 retail disk. they get somewhere around a whopping $0.25... The RIAA gets its fat share.

Elizabeth, I agree with you in principle, but don't you think claiming that your personal buying habits compensate for an entire generation's obsession for downloading is a little ridiculous?
Must be an argument for life after death. Perhaps you can still download in the afterworld.