dcs wordclock

I have heard dcs owners say the external clock is worth the investment. Can any one say why it works better? I'm talking about two components (delius and verdi), not three. I could understand a clock for three components, but how can two components connected at the clock be bettered ? Has anyone tried the esoteric clock with the wordclock connection? Does the wordclock connection work differently than the other one (whatever that is). Thanks
Two components (or even one) or three+ would work better in the following ways;

- for every single component from 1..n, using a higher-precision clock whether installed as an after-market mod or an external master clock results in higher precision clocking with the obvious sonic benefits than the default clock for each component

- for 2..n components, using the high-resolution clock externally results in higher-precision clocking for each and as importantly, keeping 2..n components in-sync in the system as a whole

The Esoteric G-0s and G-0Rb operate and return results according the same principles as the dcs clock. I have the G-0s in my system for some time now and the end result is quite noticeably better, sonically more real and beautiful, etc....write me on email and I'll share more details of what I've heard first hand and the clocking principles involved. (I'm not a dealer)
I recently added the Esoteric G-ORb to the P-03/D-03 which I have had for several years. The difference is subtle but important: smoother, more realistic, less etching, less forward. Yes, less "digital", although that seems to mean something different to everyone. But the problem is cost--I got it used, at a great price, well below half list. At anything approaching full retail price, that is a LOT of money for a subtle improvement, however worthwhile. At anything like the list, I would consider a preamp upgrade instead.
I agree this is a healthy price tag to pay for an important but subtle improvement however I'd like to point out that it is not until you listen with the clock (and break it in) and then remove it that you realize just how truly comprehensive the improvement using the clock was/is...
Thank-you both for your response. I'll keep at it and save my pennies.
I added the Verona word clock to my Verdi, Purcell, Delius combination. I am very satisfied with the improvement.
Most of my other equipment is Goldmund. It all sounds great.