dCS stack with ML Descent

Any body having problem in Driving ML Descent subwoofer with dCS stack? I've recently hooked up dCS stack with C2200 and am experiencing weak action by Descent which functions fine with all other sources such as record, tape ,tuner and other CD player. The main speakers are ML Summit which seem working normally. The power amp is MC2102. I'm using an XLR cable to connect Elgar and C2200. Please help.

What source are you having trouble with? Remember you have two volume controls in the system. You can use the dCS stack as a preamp and bypass the 2200. If you are using a DVD, SACD or DVDA player, you need to set the surround for two channel mixdown or PCM. The speakers should be set to large.
Hi Sam

Please check the ouput level on your dCS DAC.
There must be a trimmer on the back panel,
and/or a option in the set-up menu.

PS : The user manuals are available on dCS web site

The DAC has a volume control on the front and on the remote.
Do you mean "Output" level with Elgar and Purcell? I tried everything. Does Remote have a different volume control from the one on the panel?

I find it a bit strange that you can't get the action required from your ML sub.
I have a complete dCS stack myself and I use the rca output from elgar+ to drive the sub and xlr to drive my mono blocks

The output signal both from xlr and rca output is equel, and I adjust the volum on the sub to my "taste", no problems.
On the Elgar+ there is a switch on the back to choose either max 2V output or 6V, however if it is load enough with 2V on the main speakers, no adjustment is required if you are using 2V as a default setting (don't adjust this setting during play back)
The volume control in front of Elgar and the remote is equel.
I use my system without a preamp, if a preamp is used I assume that the sub must be connected to the pre amp and not the elgar dac.

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Hi Gfe,

That's exactly what I did and finally had my subwoofer get the action when dCS is in use. Since I am using a Preamp, there is an extra RCA connection between the Preamp and subwoofer, also. Both are single lines and each connects to RIGHT and LEFT terminals of the subwoofer. This might not be a true solution, but this seems to be the only way I can get the subwoofer function on every source. Any further suggestion?

Hi Skanatake,

Sorry for the late reply.

If I understand you correct your sub is now connected on a pre out RCA from the preamp.
This must be the correct way of connecting it as far as I know, some subs have also the possibility to conect via the speaker terminals but the most common used methode is to use a pre out from the pre amp / amp.
This is a variable output and the output is increased when you raised the volume.

There is one thing I would mention. For most of the preamp I have been used with xlr to my amp's the output from the xlr are normally higher then the output from the RCA (no problem since you then normally set a slightly higher output onm the sub).
However on the dCS elgar/delius the output from xlr/rca is equel and if you test both option and feel that your sub output a higher level with DCS compared to feeded from your pre, the reason could be as simple as stated.

From my point of view, you have connected correct now and the only other alternative is to use your dCS without a pre.

Dear Gfe

Thank you very much.

Hi Breg,
Thank you again for your professional comment. Another thing I noticed on my dCS stack is its relatively low bass output. I have an old Luxman CD Player, one of their top of the line models, connected to the pre with an RCA cable as a backup system. I get much more bass out of Luxman without a help from the subwoofer. This is another reason why I need to connect dCS to sub. Is there anything wrong with my dCS stack?