dCS stack and PS audio powerplant


I have a dCS system consisting of verdi, verona, purcell and elgar+.
I have also a PS audio powerplant PP300 which I had purchased and used with a good result earlier on a EMC1UP cd player and krell krc3 pre amp.

It has however come to my attention that dCS does not reccomend use of a PP for their system, and failure could lead to problems with warranty claim etc.

Is there any other user of dCS equipment using a PP to power up their gear which have a opinion about it, and reccomodation.

Kind Regards
I have been using PP600 with Elgar+ and 972 with no problem for a while now.
I've used a PP300 with my dcs stack for several years. No problem. I guess it is possible that futzing with the frequency of the power source could mess up something but it hasn't happened to me