DCS Scarlatti - New Flagship Combo

DCS has announced their new Scarlatti to replace the past flagship combo. They use Esoteric VDRS Neo transport. I understand the package that they sent to the US did not make it in 3 pieces (!) so I wonder if anyone has had a chance to listen to them in any international markets.

Here are some pics: http://www.cinenow.com/uk/news-2265.html

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Thank you David, if DCS is not using the TEAC VRDS OEM mechanism, which version of the mechanism are they using? I had heard from TEAC America that TEAC only licensed the lighter OEM version. Has this policy changed recently?
As far as I know, TEAC used to OEM only its lower end version of the VRDS transport. That is the basic/light version used for X-03 and UX-3, rather than the progressively higher end versions for X-01, P03/D03 and P01/D01. It will be interesting to find out if TEAC has finally relented and DCS has been able to source one the more advanced versions of the mechanism.