dCS Rossini Owners - sonic differences with and without the clock


I'm two weeks into owning a dCS Rossini DAC, and still very much adjusting to how music is now presented by my Hifi, when compared to my previous DAC.

Curiosity is getting the better of me, and was wondering if any Rossini owners could please share their experiences of adding the Rossini Clock?

I've read all the reviews available from the Hifi mags, Sterophile, AudioStream, and so on, but wanted to get an impression from actual owners of the perceived sonic differences, and how the overall sound changes by adding the clock.
Many thanks!

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Which is all very scientific and proper, and then they wax poetically:

here is both objective/measured and subjective/listening evidence that they can have a profound effect on the sound

He doesn’t say it improves the clocking. So, have at it if you have the cash. It’s quite possible if there is a change it’s not a good one.
That's DCS literally shooting themselves in the foot, by effectively saying that you may/may not hear any differences whatsover!
Thanks for the link - some pretty strong opinions on that thread!

The presentation is very different to my previous DAC, the Invicta Mirus Pro, which uses the ESS Sabre 9028 PRO chipset. The Mirus was possibly slightly more relaxed in it’s presentation, and a touch warmer. An incredibly musical and fatigue-free sound. I’m almost wishing I hadn’t sold it to be honest.

The Rossini however is one of the most revealing sources I’ve ever heard. The first week or so literally had me questioning why it was highlighting certain parts of tracks and albums that I know inside out. It has a very natural touch with instruments and vocals, in a very non-digital kind of way. I would describe it as slightly more forward in it’s presentation overall.