DCS Rossini dac owners

I know this won’t be a hot topic but I have a question about the Rossini for actual users.
I’m just not hearing the benefit of adding the Rossini clock which is generally praised as a significant upgrade. Would appreciate comments/experiences concerning this add on device. I wish I could hear what all the fuss is about. Thanks
Although not a Rossini owner I’ve had clocks in both my older Paganini and current Vivaldi systems. 

The effect of the clock should be to add clarity and greater soundstage resolution to the system. It should not affect tonality so if you were looking for the “more bass, more treble” type of effect you won’t hear it. The music should sound more relaxed and natural, it may even seem quieter.

Stick with the fundamental frequency (44.1 or 48) as using multiples causes issues. Also make sure you are using a good BNC and also an upgraded power cord to the clock, dCS always recommended the clock as the first piece for a power cord upgrade. 

Anyway without knowing much much about the rest of your system hard to know what might be getting in the way. Feel free to PM if you want a more detailed discussion.
Thanks for a very thoughtful reply. I’m very happy w the Rossini. I just thought it would be more obvious. I’m using good clock cables plus power cord. I’ll keep trying to figure it out. I can return the clock but want to get it right. 
What type of digital input are you using?  All of my experience is with AES/EBU or FireWire in the context of playing discs. I suspect if you are using USB to a Rossini DAC you may not experience the same effect. 
USB and I tend to agree w you. The unit sounds so good on it’s own I’m definitely not unhappy about it. Your comment is interesting as Aurender(which I use) wasn’t too sure that there would be great benefit. You know your stuff.
I would also recommend not using USB if you have an alternative 😏 - and then you’d discover what the clock can do! But maybe I’m just an old fashioned guy, strictly CDs and SACDs for me, no ripping or streaming 🙈
no choice on connection. it’s all good. i’m very happy with my sound quality. 
Perhaps your dCS dealer will loan you a network bridge? This could be the ideal interface for your streamer. 
i’m happy. need to put the brakes on.. for once
Since USB is reclocked anyway, the only benefit an external clock would be is more accuracy, and seeing as how even <$500 DACs have clocks that are way better than needed, anything more expensive that benefits from an external clock should be considered sub-par.
agreed. the rossini has a great master clock so switching back and forth established that fact. it’s a beautiful piece.
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I just bought a Rossini and clock.  I have only hooked up the Rossini so far and I am so blown away by just the DAC alone.  It is just an insane ridiculous jump from my prior DAC.  I wanted to get a good handle on the sound of just the DAC before I add the clock so I can know what I spent the extra money for.  I am curious about the effect of better power cords and digital cables on the clock?  I only have the stock power cord and digital cables for the clock at this point.  I put a Synergistic Research gallileo power cord on my prior DAC and was very impressed.  

I’ve kept the clock and use a nordost heimdall 2 on it. i’m very happy but can’t tell you how much improvement is gained. it just sounds great. I’ve started using it direct to amp and extremely please with the results. 
finally the person that knows more about this unit than anyone personally goes DXD / filter 3 and map 3 for pcm. it’s sounds really good.