DCS Rossini and master clock questions

Hi.  I recently bought a Rossini DAC and clock.  I have just the stock power cord with the clock.  I am curious what other owners think of the improvements a better power cord makes with the clock.  I put a synergistic gallileo power cord on my previous DAC and wow I was really impressed.  Just wondering if it makes much difference on the clock and also what about the digital cords that run from the clock to DAC do you see an improvement over stock with those? 
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Actually dCS own (John Quick) advice is that the first power cord you should upgrade in any dCS stack is that of the clock. I own a Vivaldi stack with an additional 10MHz reference clock and both that and the dCS clock benefit from upgraded power cords. The effect is not subtle.

The same is true of the BNC connection from clock to DAC as well, good low cost options include the Black Cat but I swear by Transparent Ref XL, which will of course cost you 😉

You should also look into using alternative footers under the clock as well and definitely never stack the two as is often shown!  More dCS system tips can be found in my virtual system description 
great advice.  Thank you.  I am still in shock at how much better this sounds than my old DAC.  Just an insane upgrade like nothing I've ever experienced in all my years of hifi.  I have yet to hook up the clock.  I am running it with the network connection from a Roon nucleus + and of course using the Roon software.  
FWIW the Rossini direct is spectacular. In this particular case I can’t hear anything lost. I’ve always used a great pre but redundant in my humble opinion. What a great dac, as it should be.
Yes I am running direct as that is the way my prior DAC was and I don't have a preamp anymore at this point and no need for one.  So that is all I know.  I have been happy with Audioquest diamond cables so I will probably go that route for the BNC clock cables.  

I will be looking at alternative footers eventually as well.  It sounds so good right now I have been enjoying that and will slowly add the upgrades.  
As Paul McGowan from PS audio said :"The best preamp is no preamp in the system"