dCS Purcell/Delius vs. WADIA 27ix

Is there any opinion about this above "battle"? Can anybody give any coments about the dCS combo in terms of sound compared to the WADIA-sound, given the latter much credit of being VERY musical?
One feature that the dCS has going for it is upsampling to DSD with the latest Purcell/Delius. Also, the dCS Grieg transport will play regular cd's and sacd's.

When using the Grieg with the Delius (or Purcell/Delius combo) the clock output of the Delius can be used to synch to the other pieces. This greatly reduces jitter and offers a great improvement in sound.
In my opinion the DCS combo is the winner,but not by much.The Wadia is also excellent.Either way you win.
I owned the Wadia 27ix and used it with a Levinson 31.5 transport. I replaced the Wadia with a dCS Purcell/Elgar. The first DAC I owned was a Wadia 2000 so I can say I have always appreciated the sound and build quality of the Wadia. But the Elgar simply gave me more of what the Wadia 27ix did; lower noise floor, superior dynamics, better resolution of microdynamics, and more tonal variety in the lower octaves. I was also influenced by the financial problems Wadia was experiencing at the time (~3 years ago). Frankly, you can't go wrong with either IMHO.
I own the 27ix run direct to my amps.
I find it highly musical, full bodied, and I enjoy mine thoroughly. However, as the S'Phile review of the 27ix mentions, it is rolled off up top. Compared to inexpensive DACs like my previous Bel Cano DAC-1 and a friends Assemblage 2.7 Platinum, the cheap DAC's definitely present more information up top. But I have learned that musicality is not about extracting the last bits.

I am curious if the new software upgrade for the 27ix will address some of my top-end issues. I brought my 27ix over to a seller with a dCS Purcell, but unforunately an amp blew when he powered up so I could only get a mono perspective of what the Purcell could do for me. I will refrain from further comment until I can get a proper listen to the Purcell.

- Andy