dcs puccini software upgrade

hi. i am a puccini owner and believe that "newer" is not always "better." for this reason i haven't installed the new software. forgive me if i have missed this in a prior thread but has anyone either: (1) had a chance to compare the puccini, pre- and post- software upgrade, if so how does it sound? Or (2) know where the details of the software upgrade are outlined? (couldn't find it on dcs website)

thank you and best wishes!
I had the upgrade applied. I believe it has to do enabling certain inputs and changing the characteristcs of the display. I noticed no audible difference. They are really good about communicating. If you pose your question on their web site, they will respond.
When I bought my Puccini, it had version 1.12

I upgraded to 1.20, and felt that there were some issues with it; not bugs, rather, the sound was not as good.

This was rectified by version 1.21, which I was happy with.

I have now upgraded to 1.30. I don't know what upgrades I have missed. This one simply enables 24/192 through the digital inputs.

However, presumably it adds any other changes between 1.21 and 1.30. There may be no changes to the sound quality, so perhaps it is only my imagination which makes me think that there is an audible improvement in sound quality.
New in v1.21: The new software adds some useful new features to the Puccini Player.

The new features added since v1.12 are:

1. In addition to the 4 DSD filters, this release adds a choice of 3 DSP filters when playing CDs or receiving 44.1kS/s data. These are:
“Classic” (the same as the original filter),
“Long” (a symmetrical filter with improved anti-imaging performance) and
“Asymmetric” (an apodising filter with a similar frequency response to the “Long” filter but with no pre-ringing). When changing filters using the remote control, the MUTE button flips between setting the DSD filter (if available) and setting the DSP filter.
2. The performance in DSD mode has been improved.
3. Occasional problems with the Display-Off timeout have been corrected.