dcs Puccini heats up CDs


I purchased a dcs Puccini player a few days ago. It sound great, but what irritates me is that the CD tray is always very warm, and CDs come out pretty warm after playing, although the outside of the player is not very warm at all. I would say the CDs are at least 20 Degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature when they come out of the player. Can Puccini owners confirm that this is normal for the Puccini? If so, is it a property of the dcs construction or the Esoteric drive in general, meaning that other players with the same drive also heat up the CDs? Thanks in advance!

I doubt it's the drive itself. My Esoteric player has the VRDS Neo drive and my disks are always at room temp when they come out of the player. It is something else in the drive enclosure that is causing the heat.
I used to have a Puccini player and I do find that CD's feel warmer when retrieved from the tray but not to the extent that you have described - 20 deg above ambient temp is quite a lot of difference.
I now have the Esoteric K-01 with the VRDS Neo drive, and again CD's do feel a bit warm coming out of the tray but again, not by much.
You should email and report this to dCS. They are quite prompt in their customer support in my experience.
HI my former dCS Puccini did this...and my current dCS Scarlatti does it also...I'd assume it's normal...
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Hi all,
thanks for the responses. It seems that this is quite normal for the player. It's just new to me.

Former dCS Service tech here. The controller board with all the regulators and the Ring DAC board (running at Class A) both give off a bit of heat. Completely normal for the Puccini Player to warm the CD.
My Resolution Audio CD50 does the same. I thought it was what accounted for the warm sound the player provides. ;)
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