dCS Puccini, Esoteric P/D 05, Ayon 5s...


Which of these 3 or their close relatives is the most lively, musical, punchy?

Thanks for your comments.
I had an Esoteric XO3SE which the dealer raved about and said had been the product of exhaustive if not obsessional development. I found it too clean and souless, though it did improve with the addition of a DCS Verona word clock. I sold it and bought a DCS Puccini which was so much more musical and true to the music. I then added a Puccini word clock which hugely improved the performance. I have only heard the later Esoterics at shows but the character of the sound seemed the same namely super clean and analytical and digital and nothing like as true as the Puccini combination. The latest TAS Awards has a rave recommendation for them. There is no lack of punch or life but with a rounded analogue sound which I find truer to the sound of live music.
My advice would be to hear the Puccini duo before committing to the alternatives