DCS P8i direct to pwr amps sound quality.

Anyone here using the DCS P8i directly to power amps with great results and how does the player stack up with the likes of Audio Aero Capitole mk-2 on redbook replay?. Any feedbacks appriciated.
Well that's a bit of a coincidence - it looks like your post and my "survey" were loaded about the same time. You'll see in my post that I find my P8i direct to Pass 350.5 to be quite excellent (I think I said - in a hi end sense). Whether it can be better or not with a pre is my next direction - I hope to try a couple soon. I haven't any fair comparisons to others as it has taken me a long time to get a system which I feel does justice to the gear (strange as that may seem for such a fundamental arrangement). I'd add decent cables and power lead arrangements are critical.
Hi Murrayp,

I'm planning to buy a P8i and worry about it's digital domain pre section sounding harsh. I personally think if you can get away from using a pre in the system, theres less information lost within the chain and ofcourse with the money saved its a bonus. I will be directly linking the P8i to my Krell Kas & Revel Ultima Salon. I will keep you posted how it sounds. The Mark Levinson 390S is another contender in my list but I'm more keen towards the P8i for its upsampling to DSD and ofcource also enabling me to play my SACD collection.

I traded my 390S for my P8i, much improved. See my response to Murrayp.
Hi Lenny,
Thanks for the assurance of the P8i. Do you use any kind of isolation feet under the player since they are not supplied.


I use Herbies Footers but really haven't tried with/without - I just use them anywhere and they seem to help. FYI, though the P8i was a little edgy new, after running in, with good CDs there is nothing at all harsh about it in any mode. If the cd is not so well done it doesn't mask that if your downstream gear is similarly inclined.

No I don't. My equipment is on a Gran Prix Audio Monaco rack which provides the system's mechanical isolation.
I love the player...it's hardly broken in yet and sounding great already. I do like the filter change facility and they do make a difference. Personally like filter 2 & 3 for different music, Vocals with filter 3 and accustics with filter 2 for more open dynamic sound.
Only things I dislike about the player are:
1: track changing is slow via the numbers buttons and too sensitive via "forward > button".
2: very tight and impossible fit for a aftermarket power cord. I use a wattgate.

Overall, Im happy with the player. Cd now sounds like SACD.

I am A dcs user and have used many of their cd players including the P8i. I also had the audio aero capitole SE for a couple of years too.

They are quite different sounding players. The P8i is very clean and up front, very incisive in the highs. The aero capitole SE is a very musical player and rounder sounding than the P8i. The Aero has terrible build quality though unlike the P8i which is nicely made.

IMHO Its very hard to get the P8i to be musical. To really get the best from DCS you need to go higher up the range I am afraid.

If you want an impressive cd player buy the DCS P8i, but if you want a musical one, although with less dynamic impact, buy the Audio aero. Try to get the latest version with cryod tubes and new black caps in the output stage if you go for the Aero. I had may good listening sessions with it.

Hope that helps