dcs owners--

Does anyone have any experience with aftermarket digital cables(bnc) for the word clocks ,and the 1394 fire wire for the dsd upsampling?

also ,what seem to be the more compatiable and effective power cords on the dcs stack?

i'm using siltch cords ,and looking for an improvment.
thanks in advance for any advise.
A friend of mine has used all Shunyata Anaconda power cords on his Verdi LaScala/Elgar Plus/Verona stack and has completly switched to Nordost Valhalla, with great resoults.

He olso preferes the AES/EBU connection on AQ The Raven AES/EBU cable over both standard and custom made IEEE1394 cable made by user "Jareko".
elberoth2-----not sure i read you on the aes/ebu part... could you elaborate on it please?
i have the same stack as your friend ,and am using the standard 1394 and bnc cables for clocking--- tried the siltch and kharma 1394 cables ,but thought that the sound was missing the bottom end....
anyone used the custom 1394 cable from poland?

He tried both the OE IEEE1394 cable that comes with the dCS stack, and the custom made cable made by "Jareko" (from Poland).

Although the Jareko's cable was better than the OE dCS cable, the felt that standard AES/EBU interface outperformed both of those.

He uses AudioQuest the latest, top of the range The Raven AES/EBU cable, and prefers it over Nordost Valhalla AES/EBU cable he also tried (he uses all Valhalla ICs and power cords).
thanks for the elaborated input... i'll certainly explore it further...
I tried the Polish DSD firewire cable and found it a significant improvement over the stock DSD cable. Using the DSD connection between the Purcell and Elgar was a major improvement over two balanced AES cables between the two, and I have used Purist Dominus, Kharma Enigma and NBS Monitor 0 in those spots. Especially with the $179 Polish cable, DSD firewire won hands down.

great input! have you tried any other digital cable w/bnc for the vernoa wordclocking?
how about power cords for the dcs gear?
Ozy - If I may speak for my friend once again, he used the Shunyata Anaconda power cords on all his digital gear, and recently changed to all Nordost Valhalla power cords with great resoults.
elberoth2-- you are the second or third who said the n/v cords are greaton the dcs gear..... i guess i'll have to try them , eventhough i'm not a valhala(i/c&s/c) fan...
Ozy - I know what you mean. n/v cables are not my cup of tee either. I found them to thin and anylitycal sounding on almost every equipment except maybe the warmest and most syroupy sounding.

But, to be honest, IMO the n/v power cords are the most transparent cables from the whole valhalla family, i.e. have the least of "Nordost effect".

Worth a try if they are in your price range.

thanks again for your input... could you ask your dcs friend ,what power conditioners he is using with dcs , or what has he tried and found to work well ?
some recommend the hydras ,but when i tried the origianl hydra few years ago , i wasn't impressed.....
ozy - I know he tried the Hydra-8 first, but didn't like the sound (it somehow muted dynamics). Interestingly, he got much better performance from Hydra-6, the cheaper model, which he ended up buying.
that's also what the polish distributor of dcs mentioned .. that the 6 is a very good fit with the dcs... thanks alot for your input.
Ozy, sorry, I've been away all month spending $ on non-audiophile stuff. Can't help on anything you asked, especially power cords. My system components are plugged into a Burmester line conditioner, and maybe that's the reason, but I've tried a number of power cords, and have always found that while one may do something worthwhile, two (except, of course, on monoblocks) seem to do too much of something. I have Absolute power cords on everything, and, at least in conjunction with the Burmester, they do no harm. Specifically, I found two Shunyatas, NBS, Dominus and a couple of others I forget on both the Purcell and Elgar Plus didn't appeal, although one might do something interesting. I certainly don't expect general agreement on this, but that's the way I hear it.