DCS or Chord 64

I am hesitating between those two DAC : the DCS delius used and the chord 64 used, both have about the same price and both have very good review what dac do any of our audiophile fellow had any experience with one of those gear?
I have a Delius. Wow, is about all I can say. I've compared it to a Elgar...The delius isn't that far off. Plus the DSD upgrade is a great path for the future. I've also heard it with the Verdi Transport. That's a combo that can't be beat!

email me if you have any questions.
Tried and true. If you are real interested in the Chord then wait a while until you can audition this DAC. It is new and not real popular here where as, the DCS has been around and is proven.
I was able to hear the Chord64 in a brief back to back comparison with an MSB Platinum. The Platinum is a great dac but the Chord was definitely smoother sounding and more musical.
I haven't heard the Chord but I do own both both an MSB Platinum and the DCS Elgar/972 upsampler combo. The DCS is better.
Just do not jump your guns so quickly! Rob Watts was the designer of Chord 64. If anyobody remembers, Watts was the president and the owner of Dpa Digital company from Wales. Dpa, small company with hanful of employees, produced some of monumental digital processors. Probably unsurpassed even by nowdays standards. If anyone had chance to hear DPA SX512 or 1024 DAC's would realise that no DCS, Wadia, Accuphase or any current model of DAC's would even come close in performance of DPA's flagship processors. Chord 64, in my opinion for the price offered far outperforms DCS! BTW i own CEC T0, DPA 1024 and i have auditioned ALL of the designs mentioned above.
ROB WATTS also produced the DPA 50S Amp and Preamp combo, both now classics and somewhat difficult to find. They were Hi-Fi World founder Noel Keywood's reference amplifier for sometime, and he appeared to be very pleased with them, based on the times in which he refered to them in some of his articles in the early issues of Hi-Fi World.