DCS Network Bridge? Aqua LinQ Streamer?

Does anyone know of any dealers that offer either of these products with an in-home demo/trial period? 

Would also love to hear thoughts on either (or similar competition).

I'm interested in trying new streamers to put head-to-head against my Magna Mano Ultra. Only considering units that can do UPNP.

Thanks folks.
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Good luck. You looking to stay with i2s?
I was looking into their dacs and found out Ben at mojo audio has a strong anti-i2s stance. That cued me to try my Mano's SPDIF output and it was indeed superior into my audio Mirror t3se, even using an old cheap cable. That led me to invest in that pathway, so I'm roughly planning on staying with the old SPDIF interface...
A thread bump in the hopes that I can catch some relevant user experiences... 

RE: LinQ, I inquired last month about in-home audition and my dealer said not possible due to very high demand. 
Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully that demand means that someone will post with some impressions...
I own an Aqua Formula and a LinQ. The I2S output does sound better than the USB, not leaps and bounds better but it is noticeable. The LinQ IMO is ruthlessly revealing. On well recorded tracks it's amazing on not so good recordings or with sub - par gear it will let you know. YMMV
Thanks for the information. For interested parties, I also received the following report from someone selling their Innous Zenith on usam:

"The [DCS Network] Bridge is awesome. It's very neutral and an excellent renderer/player. It's easy to use and has Spdif out. The clock in and outs are very disappointing because they are not standard SPDIF so that was annoying. I wish I could use my master clock with it. The Innuos has a warmer, denser tone to the Bridge which I like but I am ultimately for neutrality. They are both great and I wouldn't rate one over the other except Innuos only does USB."
Hi guys, i'm looking at Aqua Formula xHD + LinQ as a possible option for my digital.I am very familiar with Totaldac but not Aqua yet.Any idea if Aqua flagship combo would outperform Totaldac d1-direct + d1-streamer ?A guy told me he prefered the Aqua combo over Totaldac Twelve mk2 + d1-streamer, that's pretty surprising considering the difference in price.
Thanks for the introduction to the totaldac streamer... looks interesting.

Here's a review where they compare it to the dcs network bridge: https://twitteringmachines.com/review-totaldac-d1-streamer/
@cal3713  d1-streamer is really made to work with d1-direct or d1-Twelve mk2.I would not purchase this streamer if not going full Totaldac all the way.Totaldac is the most analogue sounding DACs i've ever heard and i have heard MSB Select 2 and DCs Vivaldi stack.I would love to hear the Aqua combo.