dcs/JM Labs Upgrade Question

Looking for advice on which piece of gear will give the biggest improvement. For roughly $4,000, would you buy a dcs Purcell/Delius or Focal 1027be speakers?

My current system is:

CEC Tl1 transport/Meridian 518/Sonic Frontiers SFD-2
Cary SLP 98 pre
Cary 211 AE monoblocks
Focal 926 speakers
Nice power/interconnects throughout... Nordost, Shunyata (cables/power conditioner)

Not that this figures into the digital equation but I have a:
VPI Scoutmaster with SDS, outer ring, stainless center weight, Benz H2... all on a Ginko Cloud 11.


I own the dCS combo, it is good to listen, but your Digital combo is good.
Investigations into Digital is always burned money, except the former system is sounding awful. Go for speakers.
I am not sure 1027be's are enough improvement over your 926s to bother with this upgrade. On the other hand, SFD-2 is a very analogue-sounding DAC and Delius is [b]in my opinion[/b] would be a step down. If you ask me, it is the SLP98 that I would replace.
I had the JM Labs 927Be's and I have heard the 926's many times. The 1027's are much better in all around function than those the other two. I could not believe the difference. I would go for the speakers. You will keep them for a very long time and you will be rewarded by any other upgrades you make be it amp or cd player.
BTW, in case I was unclear, I have the 1027's.
FWIW I agree with Syntax as I have found over many years that upgrading speakers especially in the same family made the most difference to me.