DCS elgar+ as word clock/DAC for PC

I've found a few high-end PCI cards with AES/EBU outs AND a BNC word clock input. Question is, can I run my Elgar+ in mastermode to utilize its word clock, what's the best way to accomplish that, and what's the best resolution I can expect to squeeze out of a MAC or a PC?
I dare say the reason you're not getting a response is that your questions are quite basic, and perhaps the expectation of someone who can afford a dCS rig is that they're smart enough to read the manual :)
what high-end pci card are you using?
Not all PC's accept the mastermode setup indicated by DCS' manual, regardless of the stated capabilities of the card. Most PC's can't output 24/192 through AES/EBU, and few exist that output 24/192 via BNC. The 75 ohm output makes quite a difference at this level of listening. Sorry if my question wasn't specific enough for someone who's not smart enough to comprehend the problems associated with operating at this level of gear.