dCS Delius / Purcell

What kind of settings do you owners use mostly when listening to regular CD's ?
176,4 / 192 ?
Why ?
And what filter setting ( 1,2,3,4,5,6 ) when using the above setting ?

Just interested to know some opinions.
176,4 -- i have to when i use the Delius in Master mode with my Studer transport. Using it slaved to my (heavily modded) Philips CDD882 transport i don't hear much difference between 196 an 176,4kS/s.
Filter settings depend on cd quality, but mostly 1 or 2. Filter 4 sometimes provides a more spacious and relaxed sound, at the cost of some detail and edge, which can be benificial on jittery (pop)recordings. IMHO....
I also use 176.4 which I prefer sonically over 196. I've been told that this is because 176.4 is a multiple of 44.1...but I really don't know if there is any truth to this. I use filter 1 exclusively but haven't experimented with the filters as much as I perhaps should.

Thanks for your answers.

I also use 176.4, I think, it has more body and is in a way more "real" than 196.
196 "spreads" everything ....
Filter is interesting, too, I have to try more, at the moment I change between 2 and 3.