dCs debussy or puccini u-clock?


I am new to digital music. just recently setup mac mini running with amarra connected via USB to mcintosh c48. from now on I prefer not use CD player ever again if possible.

I heard the dCS puccini CDP with its u-clock and was extremely surprised. sounds really good. well defined music etc. have never heard the Debussy but read rave reviews in many places.

I need advise if i should go just buying the puccini u-clock or take the debussy route. I did note that u-clock is not a DAC like debussy.

your thoughts please.

thanks for looking.
I used to own a puccini and u clock, I can assure you the transport is better than the USB in...just try it...now have a dcs scarlatti,,,u won't regret getting a killer transport, dac and clock combo like the dCS Puccini/u clock...you will still like usb in...just transport on sacd better when you can...
Hi, I now own Jfrech's Uclock :-) and after listening to the Puccini alone for several years can attest to the difference it made.
Thank you Jfrech and Lenny.

Will aim to audition the dCS brothers.

Happy New Year !
Please let us know your impressions.
Hi Lenny.

I ended up buying Meitner MA-1 DAC. the dCS puccini is good but a bit more analytical for my taste. Meitner is softer and not too aggressive on the highs. the Scarlatti stack is off course sounding very very well BUT will need to fork deeper into my check book :-(

good luck with you ventures and thanks for feedbacks.
Thanks for the info Adg. Good luck and happy listening.