dcs debussy

some news?
there are some pictures from vegas.. but no info's on the homepage.
I am wondering about 24/192 compatibility and usb input..
Best / most complete description of Debussy I have found appears on the site of what may be Polish distributor for DCS:
On other sites I have seen a US manufacturer suggest price of $10,000. Looks like a very intriguing device. G.
I see that dCS is still rather annoying and inconvenient at best as far as using it with computer server.
To be able to play everything from 16/44 up to 24/192, you would still need to sets of input from computer, USB for anything upto 24/96 and dual XLR for anything above (via Lynx card or Weiss firewire-AES/EBU or something similar. If I read the polish site accurately. Too bad they get rid off iLink/firewire port otherwise, with proper driver, they would only require one firewire connection from computer to DAC for everything. I also wish that they would support sigle XLR for 24/192, that would make connection so much simpler :(
DAC to computer connection is still in its infancy. . . yet, it may be worth while holding off on assessing this device's capabilities until it has made its way into the US and someone has had the opportunity of talking to the importer. . . or seeing it at a show. . . trying it at home. . . or reading a full review. G.
Suteetat since you've no experience with debussy it's amazing to post a view for blaming something you don't really know.

dCS many many years ago introduced native 24/192 upsampling first, firewire connection between its components, dsd conversion (first), dxd...e.t.c.

Let's wait and see for the time being I found in this greek site this

Now regarding firewire connection it is going to extinct from personal computers (only Apple still has it) so a future-proof company like dCS mind about long-lasting products.

As for 24/192 native material as far as we know this represents 1-1.5% of the global music production even reference recordings has only 11-12 titles; what 24/192 are you talking about?

Let's have hundrends of 24/96 done properly and then move-on.

You know you remind me some poor old audiophile-wannabees with Elcheapo 200$dac who think they are listening 24/192 or some 1500$ 24/192 firewire dac which really decodes 24/192 [12 rr titles] and in plain red-book cds [tons of millions] it's a crap........unless someone needs to impress his friends with 11 Hrx titles?

Just my 2 cents...
In addition to RR's 11, there are a few more at


Zero affiliation...beyond downloading the Mozart Violin Concerto in 24/192...which rather impressed
I get now the debussy... wow!
very impressive!
I heard it in comparision with my puccini/U-clock.. and I feel this device is a step further in terms of overall clarity, imaging. Bass is really deeper and faster.
One of the very very best dac I ever heard, no doubt.
The only perplexity is about formal questions.. since the debussy is not equivalent to the U clock.. a little smaller and with different surfaces treatment. As a couple.. not so beautyful... :-(
I hope the next gear from dcs will be a DEBUSSY U CLOCK!!!
Alexismaster congrats on your new Debussy
There is no need for debussy U clock your Debussy has already the "U" function [asychronous usb] so you only need a clock so Debussy master clock might be a good idea.
For the moment you might also look to Antelope audio OCX master clock as well.
Kops, just saw your reply from 2/10. I think I know perfectly well what I am talking about. I was seriously thinking about Puccini/U-Clock in the past and ruled it out very quickly.
There are plenty of 24/192 material available with a bit of effort. I do plan to archive my vinyl collections once I have everything setup as I want. It will definitely be in 24/192.
24/192 will only become more and more readily available. Take a look at Linn, LL recording, High Definition Tape Transfer among other. Look at DVD-A that are available with 24/192. Look at Chesky catalogue. I think you have no clue what you are talking about, 11 24/192 albums available?

The main point is that there is no easy way to play both 16/44 and 24/192 files through music server with dCS. Certainly not with one connection and I see this as a major deficiency. If you don't think it is, fine by me but I am just stating my preference.
I talked to dCS in the past and they are not promising anything.
You have absolutely no idea about my system or how I listen to music so it is better for you to shut up about what I am pretending to be or have.
Just because I want to make sure that I am ready for the future rather than wasting $10-20,000+ and either have to buy something else in a couple of years or need to send unit back for upgrade with added expense and time away from my music system, so I made an informed decision.
If dCS deficiency does not bother you, that's fine by me but don't tell me that I don't know what I am talking about.
Suteetat, I understand what you are saying. But I find that for the best sound, it is best to upsample all my files to 24/176.2 or 24/196 offline before storing them on hard drive. I use izotope for this. So I find the problem you mention to be moot when using the DCS. You should try upsampling a familiar 16/44.1 track to 24/176.2 using something cheap like Sample Manager ($75), use MBIT+ redithering and izotope resampling settings, and compare them. I think you will hear what I mean. The only downside is that the 20,000 tracks I have take up a couple of 2TB HDDs.
Interesting idea. I wonder though since there are so many way to upsample and some are better than other. Do you find using sample manager etc as good as using dCS to upsample?

At this time, I actually am using XXHighend program with arc predicton upsampling which I found to be much better than many other PC softwares that I tried. That certainly would also soft my problem with dCS. However since computer server is really still in its infancy, I am a bit hesitating about not having all the flexibility as far as connection is concerned if I want to change certain hardware or software down the road. So for now I think I am going to stick with my elcheapo audiophile wannabe Playback MPS-5.
Hi. I heard the u clock coupled with a dcs puccini cd/sacd player.

Questions if somebody can help me (am a real newbie in here):
1. If i buy debussy connected to a mac mini or macbook without the u clock, do you think i will achieve same results? I got the impression the u clock function is included in the debussy
2. Do you think connectin 2012 mac mini (with usb 3.0) with debussy (usb 2.0) will work?
3. It is almost 3 years that debussy is in market. Do you think i should wait before making a dcs dac for a newer model?
A couple of guys I know just spent an evening at dCS where amoungst other things they heard the Debussy and Puccini back to back in the same system. They were surprised when they all prefered the Puccini. Not that the Debussy was bad.

I've had a Debussy in my system and thought it was pretty good though at the time my preference was for the EMM Labs.
Thanks Defride.

It seems the next immediate adversary for dCS is the EMM Labs.

will certainly pay more attention to DAC of the two
Adg243, fwiw I think this level dCS and EMM play in the same ballpark. Personal preference in terms of what emphasis one prefers and system matching are what will determine a preference between the players (as with everything).

For me I felt the dCS dug deeper in the bass but the EMM sounded more natural, more right in my system. I'd have been happy enough with either.
i really enjoy playing music through my mac mini running on amarra. DAC is mcintosh c48 connected through USB for its DAC.

1. I dont think i'll be able to audition any DAC to be used in my system at home before purchase. Does anyone think a master clock such as Puccini's will bring better sound?

2. will a better USB cable bring better sound qualities in similar way that power cord bring to one's system?

any input will be highly appreciated.

I finally got Meitner MA1 and been using for couple of months and very happy with. Thanks for the recommendation for EMM as a source and led me to the Meitner
did anybody stack with problem of reclocking coax input? each 2-3 minutes interrupts
If you are using USB, then this is a must-have:


Requires two good USB cables, Like the Wireworld Platinum, but killer sound quality.  I use my own power supply.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
If you want to reduce jitter to 7psec on S/PDIF coax, use the Synchro-Mesh reclocker along with my Reference BNC cable. Jitter measurements:


Steve N,
Empirical Audio