dCS Dealer recommendations and dCS Network Bridge impressions

I live in an area that isn't served by a dCS dealer. Reaching out to see if members have recommendations based on their experience with their dCS retailers? 

The product I'm looking into is the dCS Network Bridge. Would love to hear impressions from those that own or have demoed the Bridge.

I've not got any experience with the network bridge but can strongly recommend my DCS dealer, Brian Berdan at Audio Element in Pasadena, CA. They support all of my needs despite my now living in Portland, OR. Give Brian and his team a call and I'm sure they can work something out for you
@folkfreak   Thank you so much.

That's incredibly helpful. I will reach out to Brian.
I'm getting close to finalizing between three options, the dCS Network Bridge being one of them.

Owners or those with first hand experience? Or those that considered and decided on another product?


@folkfreak   I'll give Brian a call this week. Thanks again.