DCS 1394 problem

I bought my Delius, Purcell and Verdi all separate. When they are linked thru 1394, they played fine for a few days and then Purcell cannot communicate with Verdi, and Delius cannot regconize both the Purcell or Verdi thru 1394. Does anyone have this experience? Thanks,
Hi Psszco2002,

You should check the selected input on the Delius, which should show 1394. Re-set it manually with the Input button.

I don't have a Purcell so I'm not sure whether its input and output need to be selected. However if they do, check those as well, particularly the output.

Check the 1394 cables are fitted properly into their sockets. They can be hard to seat fully.

Do you have other cables between the 3 units, so that you can upsample CD at other rates than DSD eg on the AES/EBU inputs?

If so it might be worth temporarily removing them, until you have discovered what is affecting your 1394 data path.

Check your wordclock settings. Either Verdi or Delius is set to Master, and the others should be set to Slave. If you have changed the settings, the clock cables have to be moved to different sockets ie Wordclock OUT on the master unit and Wordclock IN on the slaves.

The other thing you can try is to bypass the Purcell altogether. The Purcell doesn't do anything when playing SACD. You can connect The Verdi 1394 output directly to the Delius 1394 input and play an SACD. It it works, you know the issue is probably with the settings on the Purcell.

Don't be too alarmed at this point. The dCS stack is pretty complex and it's easy to bump a button to the wrong setting.

You should read the manuals thoroughly, paying particular attention to the setup diagrams. If you don't have the manuals, they can be downloaded as PDF files from dCS's website.

I hope this helps.
I have set Delius as Master for clock. I have also try to connect Verdi with Delius alone thru 1394. It plays SACD for about 1 hour. All of a sudden without any reason, Delius starts to play intermittenly. Couple of hours later, Delius shows "search.." and could not regconize Verdi all together. Have you experienced this situation? Philip
Hi Philip,

Yes, I have experienced a similar situation.

I have a Verdi Encore made in 2005. It has always been very sensitive to minor flaws and data errors on SACD discs.

Some of my SACDs are fine and play through with no problems.

Others cause an intermittent, jumping of the sound. It will dropout for 2 seconds then resume.

Sometimes it drops out, resumes, drops out, resumes several times.

Sometimes it drops out for longer and I can see the track time display scrolling upwards as it searches for readable data.

The worst times are when it comes to a complete stop. When it does that it is hard to regain control of the transport to restart or eject the disc. Through experience I have found that the only thing to do then is to cold-start both the Verdi Encore and the Delius. (In your case cold-start the Purcell also.)

If I don't do a cold-start any SACDs I play afterwards will jump or halt, even if they are not normally faulty.

After experiencing this for a while I became convinced that the base fault was with certain of my SACD discs (even ones that are bought new). If I look very closely at the discs I can see flaws in their surface or in the gold layer behind.

However, there is no doubt that the machine is extra sensitive to the flawed discs and doesn't seem to deal with the problem very elegantly.

Can other dCS owners confirm this behaviour in their machines?
My situation is not the same. I could see the Verdi is playing fine thru its display. Tracking is not jump. It seems that the data is not picking up by the Delius. Delius displays "search.." at all time.
Hi Philip,

OK, I see what you are experiencing.

If it plays SACD sometimes, you have the right physical connections and settings.

If the Delius loses contact with the Verdi during playback, then displays "Search", it seems likely that the physical connection has an intermittent fault such as a loose joint in the 1394 cable, or one of the sockets.

I would try a different 1394 cable to eliminate that. If it's in the machine's internal connections you are obviously looking at dealer/manufacturer service.

I haven't anything similar with mine - it has never lost contact with a source after it has locked on.

Can anyone else shed some light on this?
It sounds like you have a 1394 connection problem either the cable side or the machine side.

As gtfour45 says try the cables and make sure they are not loose. Swap them around or wiggle them while the system is playing to see if it makes the DCS search for the input. Then you will know it is a connection issue.
To be clear. When I said above "swap them around or wiggle them while the system is playing" What I meant to say is swap the firewire cables around THEN play the system and while it is playing wiggle the cables to see if you have a bad connection!
Please let me know who service DCS in the US. Any information?

Make sure all 3 units are set for "1394ID=0".

I am the dCS North America Service Center, by the way.

Tel: (703) 349-6989

Steve George
dCS America
Hi Psszo,

I had the same problem as you with my previous dCS elgar+, verona, verdi and purcell. (search mode in the display on the dac)
I was for a time unsure what the reason was, but was narrow it down to either the transport or the dac, however my brother had the delius dac and the problem reoccur.
I was sending the transport for service, however short time afterwards it reoccur again, for me the problem was the 1394 cable/es, I was then using some aftermarked cables purchased here on audiogon.

I was for a period instead of using 1394 using two dig xlr from the purcell to the elgar+ with a very good result, using 24-176.4 upsampling, but since I had the problem both on cd and sacd I was prefering to fix it.
After changing out the cables, the problem disappear.

Regarding verdi I think the transport was very sensitive as mention above, I had several sacd records with problem to read (table of contens) in the display, difficult to get the cd out and some frustration about it of cource.
As mention above, need to power the verdi down7up again to get control and take the cd out.
With my new Scarlatti transport the transport have no problem playing the same sacd, soo I don't think the sacd record are the problem, more of a problem with the verdi being to sensitive for reading information.

For your problem I think the first thing I would have done if the "search mode" appears frequently was to disconnect the purcell, then use one 1394 for a few days and check if it reoccur, then try with the other cable for a few days.
1394 cables are not to expencive either, so another option could be to change them out and try again.

Verdi have to 1394 outlet, assume that delius have two inlets, you may can change the way it is connected today from verdi to purcell and to delius.
There are some option here you can try before you send it to service.

Good luck

Kind regards
I have a Elgar+/Purcell/Verdi/Verona stack and encountered this "search.." or DAC resuming problem several times. Again, I agree that they are both due to either bad cables or loose 1394 sockets. In my case, I am using ortofon 1394 cables. The socket cannot hold the connector well after a period of time due to the weight of the cable.

I found a loose cable/socket will interrupt DAC because every time when Elgar detect a new machine in the 1394 bus, it stops and resumes. After identifying the bad cable/socket, removing the unnecessary 1394 cable will certainly solve this problem.

During the debugging procedure, I have another interesting problem not relating to the 1394 bus. My Elgar+ cannot decode dual AES 132k and 176k data in synchronized or master mode. But if it operates in slave mode, it has no problem to decode 132k and 176 k data. Though I seldom use dCS stack in this mode, does anyone have experience on this issue? Is there any problem with my Purcell?

BTW, recently when I reset Elgar and Verdi to factory default, the screen shows "Contact dCS for SW upgrate". Does anyone ever see this message? Thanks.

Chau Ching
anyone with an used working 1394 card available?
Hi Ccchiong,

Regarding the message SW upgrade I think it is a normal message, when you reboot you will reboot to the software version you have installed on your Elgar/verdi.
If your stack is "old" and you have not upgraded the software it could be an idea to contact a dCS dealer to get the newest software for your stack.

Regarding 176 k data I was using this in master mode on my purcell/elgar when I had a problem with 1394, I think if I remember correct that you then also have to set something in the menu in the purcell, but memory here is a bit fading out now.

Regarding 1394 cable, I think you know can get them relatively cheap from a aftermarked cable supplier or contact dCS, I will be surprised if they are expencive

Kind regards
finally 1394 cards are replaced with new ones and units are working fine. I am looking for the small card that is attached to the rear chasis. If avialble, please email.