DCM Timeframe 500

I was just wondering if anybody knows anything about My tf500's. I just bought them off my uncle and haven't been able to found out about them.
I am very familiar with this speaker. When I was in college, my buddies wanted sound like my "high end" sound system, but could not afford the price of entry. This led me on a quest to find them a resonably priced speaker around $500.00 that could actually image (on cheap electronics no less!). My find: The DCM Timeframe. This speaker will present a very strong center image from virtually any japanese reciever. It also has decent dynamics other than the bass. Their comprimise is true deep bass. Don't try to get ot from this speaker..you can't. But this comprimise is more than worth it, if you enjoy decent imaging. (None of my 8 buddies, who each bought this speaker, ever complained)
Prior to the timeframe was the Time Windows from DCM. I actually preferred the Time Windows to the Timeframes. The Timewindows in my opinion were more transparent and seamless. But both were way ahead of their time. Then DCM moved to the darkside of mass market-what a shame. Now very hard to find Timewindows or Timeframe,because people that have them just dont get rid of them,thats how good they are.
Ferrari is correct.. After I upgraded to a pair of Timewindow 7's seven years ago, my search for loudspeakers ceased! They'll handle just about anything you can throw at them with awesome top-end and bottom. I use a single-ended 12 watt tube amp @ 4ohms and haven't found anything in my area to beat it (even at 20 - 30 thousand). If you find a pair, grab them ASAP!