DCM TF-400 info wanted

I just picked a set of these up from our local CL. Guy said he was the original owner and they appear to be in excellent condition, although I haven't had a chance to hook them up yet.

I remember hearing about these years ago, but have very little knowledge of the speakers so I wanted to see if any of you are familiar with these and if so, I'd appreciate any info you can provide, i.e. when they were made, good equipment matches, etc. In general just wanting to find out what I can about the speakers.

Here is a pdf manual with specs from DCM:

Maybe this will work.[http://www.dcmspeakers.com/manuals/TF400.pdf]
I had a pair of the TF-350s back in the late 80s - mid 90s. I thought they were excellent speakers for the closeout price I paid at circuit city. Not the last word in dynamics or bass extension, but good all around performers. They have transmission line loaded bass and have surprising response for their size. I think you will like them.

I don't have 400's, but I still have a set of TF-700's that I use in an extra room. I run them with a Peachtree Decco and Squeezebox Touch and they still run fine. I was the original buyer, back in 1980'ish and they still sound amazing for what they are. The drivers seem to have held up very well for their age. I have also tried running them off of a McCormack DNA-225 I own and they also do well with that.

Good luck and happy listening....

Thanks for the responses so far. I hooked them up using my sons not so good Yamaha AV receiver and was very impressed. I've only listened briefly with FM radio, but like what I heard.

Do any of you know if these were supposed to be mirror imaged? If so, My pair has the logo on the inside of the cabinets, but when I look through the cloth I can see that both of the drivers are on the same side of the speaker. Do I have two of the same speakers or is this how they come. I can't hear any issues so I'm curious.

If they were, you would think the manual would say which one to put where.
The manual doesn't say much. Basically just provides the specs and shows the speaker configuration. Which, BTW, does only show one speaker and doesn't mention anything about drivers being configured to the outside of each speaker.

Anyhow, it's just go me a little baffled and worried that I bought two left speakers. I don't remember ever having owned a pair of speakers where the drivers were on the outside of one and the inside of the other.

Good thing is I didn't spend much and regardless they sound nice. :0)

I have a pair and the DCM Logo is near the upper left corner of both speakers. Don't know if that's correct or not but they sound good and really are great at imaging. I use them in a bedroom system with a Tact 2150 driving them which is probably over kill but that's what it is for now. I'd say these were not the most detailed speakers but very forgiving and easy to listen to with a great sound stage and imaging.
My TF-700's have the tweeters on the outside edge, woofers inside(of course if you switch sides, walla...) I don't notice a huge difference with inside tweeters, vice outside to my ears like with my Maggies.

I can say more horsepower from amps makes them reveal more detail for me, not that I'd spend lots more if I didn't have multiple amps laying around. I notice getting them out into the room and away from back and side wall boundaries opens them up a good bit.

I talked to the DCM folks at one point just out of curiosity and the current staff didn't seem to know too much about my very old 700's? That was kind of interesting to me.

Tonyjack, I'm not sure what you mean by both to the left? Do you mean when facing the speakers? When facing the speakers mine have the DCM logo on the inside of each speaker. On my left speaker the drivers are on the outside (opposite of the logo) and on the right they're on the inside (same side as the logo).

I've read that some of their speakers were mirror imaged and others weren't. Seems odd to me that if the drivers are off set that they would not both be to either the outside or inside.

Anyhow, your description of their sound is pretty much what I have observed as well. They're a very easy speaker to listen to, image very nicely and have an open sound that I like. Not the last word in detail for sure, but not bad. For a hundred bucks I'm happy. Looking forward to see how they will sound with better electronics. As Rootmnan said, they reveal more detail with better power and this is what I figured.

I have a very nice Acurus 3 channel amp that's not being used, but the receiver doesn't have a pre-amp output. Might be able to use a tape monitor out, but don't like to run it that way. My DVDP have a variable output and I'm going to try and see if there's enough voltage to drive this amp, but then I wont have the FM tuner so this will be a temporary set-up while I find me a deal on a decent budget receiver.

My budget project. :0)

I don't have the TF400s, but I do own a pair of TF600s that also got off CL. They are mirror-imaged with the logos on the inside. The main drivers are also both on the inside. I did a lot of research before I picked them up. Audiokarma has a number of threads on DCM speakers, including an active one right now about TF400s. The mother of all DCM threads is one on the AVSforum though. A google search with " Steve Eberbach" and "DCM" will bring it up. All of the Eberbach designed DCM speakers seem to be very well thought of by owners.
I also found it curious that your speakers seemed to have a different driver placement. But looking at the manual for the TF400 Series 2 it indicates that the drivers are, in fact, asymmetrically placed on that particular model. So I think you do have correctly matching speakers. You could also take a look at the serial numbers to confirm they are consecutive. Anyway, hope that helps and enjoy! I really dig my 600s and think they're very well-designed.
Yes, when facing the speakers, both have the DCM Logo on the upper left side. The drivers are the same configuration on both speakers as well.. For what I paid 3 or 4 years ago ($100) they are really good sounding for an alternate system. I think the imaging and sound stage are quite nice. Most people that have heard them are impressed and they have quite a following. There is a lot of discussion on the audiokarma site about DCM.
Thanks Tonyjack. Good to know mine are normal. Kind of figured they were since they sound so good and image so well. There is something very nice about these speakers. Kind of like they have a little of the Maggie sound to them. I'm looking for some nice electronics to put with them.

Thanks so much for the help. I really appreciate it.
Yes, the Maggie ref is accurate. I'm kind of drawn to that sort of sound as well. I have the Maggie 1.6 and the Vandersteen 3A Sigs in other systems (I'm really strung out on this hobby) and the non fatiguing musical presentation is what I respond to. I do think the Maggies and Vandy's give me plenty of detail and accuracy contrary to what some people have said. The Vandersteens are much more difficult to get "right" at least for me. But now I think I have them figured out.
I've used the DCM's with some different power including a Hafler TA 1600, Fisher 201 receiver and now the TACT 2150 in my bedroom. They sing with all of them. Enjoy the Timeframe TF 400's. Really nice little speakers.
I've got the TF-600 and for me the soundstage is best with zero toe-in or very little. I keep 'em 2 ft from the rear wall and away from the side walls also.
A 15 wpc Pioneer or H-K receiver from the early 70's will drive them very well, and they are quite happy with Marantz mono-blocks as well. Enjoy them!