DCM speakers

As an old fan of DCM Time Windows, I was intrigued to hear about the new "evolution" models. Have you heard these? Where do they fit in and how do they compare with today's offerings from other companies?
Sensible Sound reviewed the DCM models a few months back. You may wish to contact them about obtaining a back copy.

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Rar1: Sensible Sound reviewed the DCM models a few months back
I found a few excerpts at


I was interested in personal experiences of any A'goner. I am sure Sensible Sound will say something to the effect that they are good speakers "better than many costing 2 or 3 times" all of which I am sure is true.
The review is written from the perspective of someone who owned the old DCM speakers, which is why I thought that it might of interest. The review is quite thorough ... warts and all ... and I seem to remember includes measurements. Their conclusion was not a "better than speakers costing 2-3X more." Lately, that praise has been reserved for the new Revel/Infinity lines.

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Thanks once again. Sorry if I was too off the cuff, many reviews tend to make one that way. I'll try to get hold of the full review.
I heard the flagship at HE 2007. Driven by a tiny Jolida tube integrated and the Jolida CDP as source, the sound was quite impressive. Smooth, dynamic, airy and open, with a solid foundation of tight bass. Way better than a $1K pair of speakers has any right to sound, IMHO. They also sell direct with a 30-day return option.
I too heard the same at HE 2007, with all the BS hype and over-priced gear at the show those DCM were one of the more impressive speakers when you consider almost anyone could afford them, also the Equipment (Jolida, Monster etc) showed how these would perform with real world gear.
Anyone can and should for the most part be impressed with gear in the tens of thousands of dollars but to hear so many good things from a speaker that costs only a thousand bucks is more impressive.
Bondmanp and Chadnliz:

Thanks for your feedback. I would still like to get some comparative perspective. What would the new DCM's comparae with in other familiar lines, be they Proac, Dynaudio, Tyler, Silverline? Zu Druid anyone? :) Will they be as good as my Spendor BC1? Leave it in dust? :) Etc. I realize you may not be able to make the comparison(s). However, if anyone can, I shall be grateful for any observations.

Basically, and this is my general observation about A'gon discussions, we need more comparisons (when possible) and hopefully fewer of "Sean/Bobby/Ray/Ty/Jim is a great guy" type remarks. I don't know what to make of that, but if you say that his [i]speaker[/i] betters Proac model XYZ for classical music and jazz, that makes concrete sense to me.
After reading many positive comments on these speakers from those that attended the HE 2007 show, I believe that is ample evidence of them being a very good speaker for the money, or maybe even multiples of what they cost. My advice is to first set your budget, then maybe think about selecting a few within this budet to audition based on owner and reviewer comments.

I like comparisons too but, I've often found that only I can select the speaker that best suits my preferences. It is very difficult trying to select based on another's preferences and room. Still, I will be reading the reviews as much as you or anyone else will. I think it does help narrow the field but, to get specific I like to use my own ears.

I also owned the original Time Windows and liked them a lot. They could show some constriction when driven hard but, their overall tonality was very pleasant to the point of being seductive at times. An enjoyable speaker for sure.
Nealhood: My advice is to first set your budget, then maybe think about selecting a few...

That is good advice. Myself, I am not actively looking for a speaker, just curious about the progress, especially about a few names that have a place in my memory.

I like comparisons too but, I've often found that only I can select the speaker that best suits my preferences. It is very difficult trying to select based on another's preferences and room.

Again, very true. However, the way industry has moved, it is harder to listen to interesting speakers than it used to be. Therefore, other people's opinions, which always helped us make our short-lists, are even more important in that role (to me at least). Eventually of course it is one's own ears and budget.
Aktchi, Personally, I'd much rather have a pair of Magneplanar 1.6 planar speakers. They produce a beautiful, spacious sound with great soundstage and dimensionality. You could pick up a good used pair on Audiogon for less than $1000. New, they run $1775 a pair.

Good listening, waltcertain
This thread was never about Magnepan speakers, why post here, the DCM will be easier to power, place and will have better bass and besides he again never asked about Maggies.
Aktchi: Comparisons are difficult, especially since I've never heard BC1s (would like to, though). But, to give you a point of reference, I own Vandy 1Cs with a pair of 2Wq subwoofers. I love the Silverline Audio sound, and my other favorite "house sounds" are from Focal/JM Lab, Roman Audio, Dynaudio and KEF (reference). The DCM's at HE2007 held their own, in my mind, with all of the models from these manufacturers priced below $5K that I've heard. IMO, they would not beat the better models from these companies in an A/B test, but they wouldn't be embarrassed either. Without an A/B test, I can't say I'd dump my Vandy 1Cs for them, but the thought has crossed my mind. I don't really have the space for the TFE200, but the TFE100 would fit in my room, and it seems like the only difference should be bass extension and output. But my Vandy subs should suffice there ;-)

The other thing I should mention is that, owning Vandersteens has made me hyper-sensitive to enclosure colorations. If a speaker has a resonance in the box, I can usually hear it right away. One would think that a large box like on the TFE200, unless made to very expensive standards, would be a real problem in this regard. However, I heard no box colorations when I listened at the show. Some have described the mids as "dry." While some speakers I've heard, notably the Silverline Bolero and Roman Audio Centurian, are clearly more liquid (mids and highs), I would not classify what I heard from the TFE200s as sounding dry in the midrange. YMMV.

Let me put it to you this way: If a friend came to me out of the blue and said "tell me what speakers to buy for $1K/pair or less," and he had the room for them, the DCM flagship would be my first choice.
The DCM TFE200's are one of the best values on the market today!! Put them with a Mcintosh MA 6300 and you have an match made in Heaven!
In this month's Issue of Stereophile they said the DCM tfe200's set a new price/performance Level!
Has anyone had any more experience with these?