DCCA Source, DFPC Signature or Elrod EPS3

I am trying to find a pc for my Eddie Current Balancing Act which is a 300b/6sn7 preamp/headphone amp.
I have tried WyWires Juice 2 and am currently using HiDiamond P3. I found the HiDiamonds to work extremely well with my Bryston BDP-1 and Lampizator L4G4 but it just didn't do anything for the Balancing Act. I am looking for smooth treble and weighty bass. Most importantly, I am looking for soundstage depth, palpable image and accurate timbre (not asking much, eh?). I am looking to spend ~$500 or so and am now considering a new DCCA Source, a used DFPC Signature or a used Elrod EPS3 (if one were to every come up for sale). I would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with these cables to provide a bit of guidance.
I might be mistaken but I think Audiogon member Jmcgrogan2 has owned the three power cords that you are asking about. You should send him a message through Audiogon and ask him. I would think he would be happy to share whatever he knows with you.
Larry (Lak) overestimates my experiences. LOL! I have a lot of experience with the Elrod cords, and a few DCCA cords, though not Don's Source cord, but I have no experience with any version of the LessLoss cords, so I don't know how helpful I can be. For me, in my system, I tend to like the Elrod cords the best, especially when considering the attributes that you state (soundstage depth, palpability, timbre). That said, I have had some issue with the Elrod's mating with some tube equipment. I've found that some Cary designed gear don't like the Elrods at all, though my VAC amp seems to be just fine with them. I have had no problems with Elrods on power conditioners, SS amps or CDPs.

Though if you are considering a DCCA Source cord, then you may also consider a Elrod EPS2 as well as an EPS3. They are basically very similar sounding, the 3 was just designed for high current applications whereas the 2 was designed for front end. I'm using an Elrod EPS-2S on my CDP, and an Elrod EPS-3S on my amp and power conditioner. The DCCA cords that I've owned provide good timbre and palpable image, but were never quite able to grasp the 3-D dimensionality of the Elrod cords. As always, due to synergy and personal tastes, YMMV.

Thanks John,

I had read somewhere that the EPS3 is warmer than the EPS2. Do you find this to be the case?
04-23-14: Chatnoir
I had read somewhere that the EPS3 is warmer than the EPS2. Do you find this to be the case?

No, I cannot say that I have noticed this. Make sure that if someone is claiming that they are comparing both cords, that they are doing so on the same piece of gear. I have tried both the EPS-3S and 2S on both my CDP and preamp with very similar results. They both worked very well on my CDP, but not well at all on my preamp. Sometimes people may say that one cord sounds warmer than another, but they may not be using the cords on the same piece of equipment, which obviously can lead to different interpretations.

Also, make sure that if you are comparing the EPS-2S with the EPS-3S that you are not using a high current amp or conditioner, where the 3S would have a natural advantage as that is what it is designed for. I've found that within it's power range, the 2S sounds very similar to the 3S, possibly even slightly more dimensional.

Thanks again.

Now to find some........
04-23-14: Chatnoir
Now to find some........

That's the hard part! Happy hunting!
Don't you feel like moving up the Elrod ladder? I know where you can sell your old ones!
For what it's worth I noticed my HiDimond 3 power cord sounds a very similar to my Elrod EPS 2/S and 3/S power cords.
Sorry, can't afford to move up the Elrod ladder. I would if I could. LOL!!

Larry, is the HiDiamond cord also a ribbon design? I'll have to keep an eye out for them.
John, no the HiDimond P-3 is not ribbon design. Granted I've only had the P-3 attached to my freezer for 48 hours (burn in time) and then I put it on my Allnic L-3000 preamp in place of my Elrod EPS 2/S power cord. At the present time all I can say for sure without further listening sessions is the dynamics and detail of the music seem to be the same as the 2/S. If one was looking to purchase the Elrod EPS 2/S or 3/S but could not locate a used one the HiDimond P-3 might be a good replacement.

From their website: "It's Cable with proprietary technology, 4VRC copper cooking for four times in order to obtain a reduction in values of inductance, capacitance and resistance mixed with graphite. Graphite in this solution allows to block the noise generated inside of the cable from the passage of an electrical signal (which is nothing the musical signal) to bring out a perfect signal without any introduction of noise that would spoil the final result. Connectors with contacts in plating silver to ensure maximum energy transfer. PVC insulation. Double-shielded copper braid SILVER with graphite to eliminate any interference which allow a better signal transmission without loss. Technology twisted within the cable to get a great tonal balance. All these innovations bring to have a result that this cable has a huge dynamic impact, a yield in the low-pitched range hot and present detailed and never swell, the exceptional focus, wide soundstage outlined in all its extended size, deeply divided and open, both in height, width and depth. Disarming conflict resolution speed during the attack transients, and fast release, with a propensity for descent below notable, crystal clear but never aggressive, more black around the orchestral plan guaranteeing a record-breaking three-dimensionality. Simply the point of arrival. A cable that is present but does not feel. Shown in all facilities at both solid-state valves of any value.

Technical characteristics: External jacket mm. 140 ; Number of Cond. 4 x 4,5 ; Cond. Graphite/Copper (4VRC); Capacity max. C1 130Pf/C2 255 Pf with schield.; Inductance : 0,75 u/M ; Conductor Resistance:4,95 OHM/ km.;"

Chatnoir, sorry I did not mean to detour your thread, I thought this could be some helpful information to some readers.
Thank you Lak. That is very good information. Since the HiDiamond P3 did not work with my amp the Elrod may not be the best fit either.
Cords are funny like that, they are very dependent of the equipment they are attached to. As much as I like the Elrod cords, I have found that they never worked well on anything designed by Dennis Had (Cary/Inspire). Of course someone else may disagree, that is the nature of the beast. Like you said, you have had success with the HiDiamond cords, just not on your amplifier. I am totally unfamiliar with your amplifier, so I cannot even say how the Elrods would perform with it.

Another cord that I would recommend looking for, though it may cost a bit more than $500, is a PAD Dominus w/ Ferox. I actually preferred the older Dominus cords to the newer 20th Anniversary/ Canorus cords.
One just popped up but it's a 20a vs 15a.........
Wow man! The prices are really climbing on those cords too! Classic old cord prices are climbing faster than NOS tube prices!! Used to be you could grab a Dominus for around $700. Even the Elrods I bought a few months ago cost $100-$200 more a cord than they did several years ago. I don't know if it's the fact that they are becoming rarer, or the weakening of the USD, or both. It sucks though.
In my system HiDiamond is not in the same league as Elrod Statement Silver and Elrod Statment Gold.