DCCA powerchords VS Elrod statement powerchords ?

DCCA powerchords VS Elrod statement powerchords ?
Which one is better ?
which one has more bass extension ?
which one is brighter ?
which one has more 3-D ?
Which soundstage is wider & deeper ?
I am a big fan and user of DCCA power cables,I also want
to hear the difference between this two cables..nice thread.
i recently reviewed dcca cables. i can say categorically, since this issue arises frequently, that one cable is not better than another. one cable is different than another. if one prefers one cable over another, it becomes a personal choice which is an opinion.

from my experience, i did not notice any excess energy in the reange 1000 to 3000 hz--the brightness region, on my stereo system.

it is best that you compare both cables in your own stereo system, in order to answer the questions you raise.

you can sample the dcca cables on a trial basis, but i am not sure if you have such an option with the elrod cables.
Mr. Tennis,
Having recently gone through this, I do not think the DCCA PCs are available for audition.
Rja,yes they are available for audition.And Don is willing
to walk extra mile to make you happy.He is a very very nice
I purchased a PC from Don which I like very much. However, he was very explicit about no auditioning of his cables. This is just my experience, yours may vary.
I have changed my policy with lending out power cords for in-home auditions. For a while I had completely stop due to the cost. Now I limit the amount of power cords I send out. Sending out 20 or 30 power cords at the same time gets pretty costly! I like to try and work with everybody, but I can not let things get out of control. We are a very small company trying to offer a good product and that costs money. Don DCCA Audio
thx for your answers so far
Rademaker, not sure about DCCA vs Elrod, but a DCCA the "Source" power cord is currently breaking-in in my system hooked up to my cd player. I just got it today. So far like it a lot.
Also have DCCA - The SOURCE power cord on my DROPLET CD Player and it has made a big difference. Very happy indeed with DCCA.........
Rademaker all the DCCA powercords Ref1, the extreme,and
the powerwave 2,I bought all of them.I replaced most of
my brand cables.They are very good.I wish I can compare
to Elrod cables..
The answer is dependent on your components, how they synergize as a whole, and the resolution of your system. Since all our systems are completely different, there can be no definitive answer to any of the questions you pose.

Both cords are excellent and worthy of audition.
I had the "Source" for about 3 weeks now. I prefer this cord on my cdp over Audience and Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha. It basically has all the quailities I was looking for, but where it exceeded my expectations was in soundstaging. The size of the soundstage with this power cable is something special. At the same time, images are kept to a realistic size and not overdone.

I may go for another DCCA cord soon, either for the amp or the pre, wherever it's going to be more effective.
Well said Grant.
One thing I notice about the DCCA powercords they flesh
out the music out of my system,plus I do agree with
Audiophile1 the images are kept on realistis size.Honestly
they brought my system to onother level.I stop buying pc
after discovering DCCA pc.I dont know if TVAD(Grant)remember
when He visited my house with Steve,thats when Steve brought
the DCCA pc ref 1,since then I felt satisfied with the music
Iam hearing on my room because of DCCA powercords...