DCCA PC stiffness?

Most reviews I've read about these PCs although positive for performance mention their stiffness. The 2006 models are supposedly a bit more flexible. Anyone tried the newest versions?
Why not just ask them to send you one to hear on your system. They sound really nice.

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Yes, the newest versions aren't as stiff as the original versions, but they are still stiffer than other high end pc's that I have used. In other words, if you want a pc that is as flexible as a wet noodle the DCCA's are not what you are looking for.

However, as bigkidz has stated, these are outstanding power cords with a designer-builder (Don Ostrander) who will give you first class service. There aren't many manufacturers who will build a pc to your specifications without a significant upcharge. For example, if you need a 90 degree permanent bend in the pc he will do that for you. If you need the plugs oriented in a specific direction, he will do that for you as well. I think that by doing this some of the "stiffness" issues become non issues.

I would highly recommend these pc's and also would suggest that you contact Don regarding what you are looking for and the specifications that you require. I am quite sure that you will be satisfied with both the product and the customer service.

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I second everything Bigkidz and Scifi said, only I haven't had the opportunity to try the new 2006 models. I have one Powerwave II and one Reference for now.
I had not tried the earlier stiff DCCA PCs, but have tried the new 2006 REF1. Yes, it is stiff but no more so than many other high-end PCs I've tried. I needed a PC that could bend in a 4" clearance behind the amp and it worked just fine with the new REF1. If you need a *very* flexible PC, you probably need to look elsewhere, but unless you have an extraordinary requirement, the new DCCA PCs are excellent and definitely worth your time. Plus, I agree with Scifi -- talk with Don -- he's a great communicator and will definitely find a way to get you exactly what you're looking for.

Good luck!
The link is here :
I'm a huge fan of DCCA cables, and I already own a couple of Extreme Refs for my amp, and a PowerWave2 for my PS300. These were bought late last year, and I had to have the Extremes customized with 90 degree bends to make them fit. Don did a great job on them.

The PowerWave 2, also very good sounding, is thinner and lighter than the Extremes, but still fairly thick and heavy by power cord standards.

I was tentative in trying his newer Musical Essence cables due to not being able to handle more of these very thick cables, but lo and behold, I received my ME today. It's much more flexible and much lighter than any of DCCA's previous cables. Don claims these are his best sounding ones yet. Physically, they remind me of VH Flav 4 cables, maybe a little thicker, but definately usable and user friendly.

If you've been scared off by the size of DCCA cables, looks like Don has addressed the concern.
Don is the best cable maker I have ever dealt with,
The service is unbelievable.You will not only get
hook with His cables but to His kindness,and patience.
I just hope many more audiophile will try his cable,
to me they are best they flesh out the music out
of your system, they have weight and a good bass.
Music sounds LIVE.I am also glad they are less stiff
When I was discussing the stiffness issue with Don, he mentioned to me the primary reason for the stiffness was the shielding. He could reduce the stiffness by eliminating some shielding.

How does this jibe with what you guys know about the new, more flexible cords? Do they have less shielding, and if so doesn't this affect the sound?

I would think that this question would best be answered by Don, the designer, himself. I have read that certain components sound better with minimal or no shielding,i.e. tube amps. But isn't the sheilding supposed to keep out the RFI amd EMI? Might depend on the system's location,etc. Maybe Don found some sheilding that was just more flexible; not necessarily less sheilding. You don't see Don posting much, but maybe he'll chime in briefly for an explanation.
You're right. I should ask him. But, I'm not in the market for any new PCs, so I don't want to waste his time.

I was just curious.
Hello All, Yes I have made some advances in many areas of my PC's over the past several months. I needed to offer a PC with the same sonic benefits(or better)in a much more user friendly package and we have done just that. Most of the advances came about during the developement of our top of the line PC's and have now filter down the line.

I would like to thank everyone for your support during the past year. Don DCCA Audio
Well, I purchased a DCCA Musical Essence PC from Don. Although it is a bit on the stiff side it's a quite bit more flexible than I had anticipated. Sonically it's a superb cable and I'm happy with my purchase. Thanks Don!